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Mar 20, 2007 02:28 PM

Lunch off I-95

Dear Chowhounds:

My wife and I & 3 young kids are looking for a great place to eat near I-95 in the Philadelphia area.

Fantastic greasy spoons, dabas, taquerias welcome, upscale Italian not so much.

Please help!

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  1. If you are passing by the Cottman Avenue exit in Northeast Philly, go to Sweet Lucy's for some great barbecue. Very casual and definitely kid-friendly.

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      That's exactly the kind of place I was hoping to hear about! Now, what to serve the vegetarian 10 year old?

      1. re: bossanova

        Will he/she eat the mac and cheese listed among the sides? Along with a salad? I love this place, btw. A friend gave a me a gift card for there and we had a blast spending it.

        They started off as a lunch cart and through quality and hard work managed to open as a full-service restaurant. Gotta love that.

        1. re: newbatgirl

          I just checked the menu--there's tons on there she'll eat. She doesn't mind--too much--sitting with carnivores, either. It's nice to know it's a favorite. My beloved Smoke & Pickles (insane bbq in Westport MA) shuttered its doors last summer. You could hear the weeping all the way from Providence.

          1. re: bossanova

            Sweet Lucy's is the place. Favorite BBQ in the city

    2. Okay, now I've mapquested the trip and I'm supposed to be on 295 around Philadelphia--is it far?

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      1. re: bossanova

        Depends on where you are heading. 295 goes down the Jersey side, but it is easily accessible at Trenton to the north and the Delaware state line (Del Memorial Bridge) to the south. So, as long as you don't have to get off the highway in between to reach your destination, you'll only add about 10 minutes of travel time to your trip and you will have some excellent Q. If you do need to get off during that time there are numerous bridges across the river in between. Honestly, if you can spare the time, it is worth the trip!