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Mar 20, 2007 02:11 PM

BZ Grill Kew Gardens

Looks like a branch of BZ Grill will be opening up in Kew Gardens across the street from the court house. Should make a tasty lunch for the jury duty set.

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  1. went looking for this place, and never found it..and I called BZ Grill in Astoria, and they said there is something that opened with a similiar name, but it has no affliation with them..anyone know exactly where this copycat place is, because I drove twice on QB and didn't see it..thanks...

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    1. re: janie

      It's in that alleyway next to that Nathans.

      1. re: east elmhurst al

        thanks...but, have you been? because the Astoria place didn't sound too happy about the place using their name..

        1. re: janie

          I noticed it when I was on jury duty back in March. It had the exact same logo on the awning as the one in Astoria but it wasn't open yet. The next time I went to the Astoria branch I asked the counter man and he was a little weird about it but he basically said they tried to open one there but it never took. Now that I think about it, although the awning looked brand new there didn't seem to be much work going on inside. So who knows. Maybe it's a copy cat or maybe it's a failed attempt at expansion. I'm seldom in that neck of the woods so if you find out more let me know. I love the Astoria one and when I do Jury duty again in 6 years it would make the ordeal a little more pleasant.

          Sorry for any confusion