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Mar 20, 2007 01:56 PM

D/T Financial Core Sushi Rec's Needed

Does anyone have a recommendation for decent inexpensive sushi within walking distance of King and Yonge?

So far, I've tried Ninki on Adelaide (twice) and the new Ninki in Scotia Plaza (once) - all three were horrible experiences, from service to the most disgusting pink glob spread all over the supposedly spicy rolls.

I've also tried Sushi Man at Richmond and Victoria and Bikuri (Bikkurri) on King - unimpressed with both of them.

Hiro and Nami are out of the price range.


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  1. Try Takesushi (Yonge and Front - 22 Front St. W). Sushi is fresh and service is good. They usually have a couple of lunch specials which are reasonably priced.

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    1. re: sweetwater

      I second that! I love the sea bass there... Haven't been there lately... hope their quality is consistent.

    2. "Walking distance" is always subjective, but if you walk up Bay St. alongside Nathan Philips Square and then cut over to Elizabeth street, Japango is not really that far. While slightly more expensive than some of the discount sushi places, the prices are actually reasonable, and the quality is great. No disgusting pink globs.

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      1. re: Gary

        I second Japango; in my opinion the best sushi in the downtown core, beats Hiro by a mile. Apparently they have the same fish supplier as Kaji. If you like rolls, salmon, and scallops, you have to try their Japango maki.