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Mar 20, 2007 01:49 PM

Need Updated Recs for 2007 in State College,Pa

We are taking our son to PSU for a weekend for new students for next fall. We want to check out foodie/eclectic places to take him to chow. He likes all types of food. Are Zolas and Spatz still hot? Any new suggestions? I couldn't find anything since 2005.

Thanks, Motherbugs in Virginia

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  1. We were at Zola for a post-graduation dinner last year and loved it. Great food, high energy, a bit noisy but not annoyingly so.

    1. zolas is great.if you want good bar-b-que try beluiahs(spelling??) and herwigs on college ave is authentic bavarian food.

      1. Otto's Pub & Brewery was quite enjoyable. They've got delicious food, and though he probably can't drink the beer just yet, it's worth waiting for. Very fun place.

        1. I'll second Otto's.

          Also Hiway pizza has a flaky crust pizza that's out of this world. With seeking out.

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            Hiway pizza was great when I went to PSU in 1968!!!

          2. Kelly's Steak and Seafood is great. It's not too far out of SC in Boalsburg (just a couple of miles away). Don't be deterred by the giant cow on top!

            Also, Spats and Zola's are still great. When I came to SC, I have to admit I was surprised to find such high-quality restaurants like these two.