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Mar 20, 2007 01:43 PM

BKLYN restaurant wk - Applewood?

Has anyone been to Applewood for Brooklyn restaurant week? If so, please dish!

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  1. i went last year and i usually hate these things. applewood of course is smart and they offer a bunch of add-on features for a few dollars more. so, if its 3 courses for $20 or so, theyd have a few better choices of appetizers for $3 more and a few better entrees for $5 more.

    theyre good.

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    1. re: sam1

      I'm going fri night with my wife...I'll post...

      1. re: sam1

        eh, maybe it was like $10 extra for entrees.

        1. re: sam1

          This year it's $15 more if you want the pork entree (I didn't)
          I think you do better with the prix fixe, although the cheese plate is tempting and worth $10 for sure - if you want a cheese course.

          I found the *extra* rock shrimp app unremarkable - I'd stick to the salad!
          the entire menu is on their site
          I just posted a little more about it on the DIB Menus thread . . .
          overall, a very nice meal. not mind-blowing, but very nice.

      2. They have their Dine In Brooklyn menu on the website if you want to check it out in advance. I ordered everything off the special menu, but splurged for the supplemental lemon curd for dessert (which I really, really recommend). The portion sizes were generous, and I really enjoyed the meal. The seasonal soup and the duck were both great. I thought it was a great deal, and there were a couple of bottles of wine for $21.12 as well.

        1. I was there on Tuesday night. Was running late due to train delays, etc. and they were surprisingly accomodating. I started with the soup of the day - a flavorable yet very light (almost frothy in texture) roasted rutabaga soup. My gf started with the toasted grain salad with goat cheese - tasty but nothing mind-blowing and a bit of a rip-off with the $6 supplement. For entrees, we both had the duck, which was well-cooked and had the perfect amount of crispy saltiness on the skin. The white bean/lardon "stew" that was served alongside of it was a little too much like Heinz baked beans for my taste. Desserts were tasty (we had one of each - vanilla bread pudding and apple crisp) but incredibly small - I'm talking 3-4 (small) bites max. Overall, I would agree with pitu - the meal was solid but nothing that would stand out in my mind.

          Btw, they do offer two bottles of wine for $21.12 as well - one chardonnay and one cabernet (same label and Argentinian, I believe). Cabernet was nothing great, but I thought it was a nice touch to offer two wines at that price.

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            Since nobody has mentioned it, do they no longer give you a $10 certificate for your next meal there, as they did last year?

              1. re: ultrvioltx

                no gift certificates when I was there
                and, YES, Heinz baked beans under the duck. oy...
                nice duck tho

              2. re: jdf

                OMG. Last rest wk I went to 11 Mad and they gave me a certificate for the full $24.07, although I will concede that it is part of a large company and not mom and pop as Applewood is.

                I wound up going with another couple and it was indeed solid. Thanks to all!