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Mar 20, 2007 01:43 PM

What's replacing Chalet?

I am still mourning the loss of Chalet in the Gold Coast. We are seriously lacking a good place to buy wine, cheese and other specialty foods in the area. I have noticed quite a bit of activity going on in the empty space. Does anyone know what's going to open? I'm hoping for a good addition to the neighborhood!

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  1. A high-end fashion boutique..... Friends of mine live in that building and this is what the folks at Chalet had told them....

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      Oh, I forgot....for specialty foods, try Goddess & Grocer, next to Cru Wine Bar... Not the biggest selection of cheeses and specialty foods, but everything I've tried so far has been excellent.....

    2. Probably the best wine store near you is now the Binny's on Grand near Wells... it's actually more well-stocked than the Chalet, but obviously not as convenient. Everyone will miss the Chalet :(

      FWIW, there's also a pretty fair wine shop at that grocery on Clark just south of North Ave (on east side)... next to the Latin School. In the basement of that grocery they have a respectable wine selection. Also there's a passable collection at Holiday Liquors, Chicago Ave just west of State.

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        Binny's owned Chalet and a lot of the old Chalet workers moved to the Binny's you referenced. It certainly feels more corporate than Chalet, but they still have good service...just does not feel as special.

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          I see that this is a few months old, but someone else popped it up further downthread and I wanted to clarify the above comment:

          the "grocery on to the Latin School" is a Potash Bros. and, indeed, the wine cellar's worth a gander especially when the wine manager is in; he's a convivial, extremely-knowledgable guy always on the lookout for a unique find

        2. I am devastated to learn this news! Just tonight I recommended the Chalet to a friend who is visiting Chicago this week. I am stunned. Having lived in Chicago eight years before moving to Seattle in 2002, I can't tell you how many times I visited this wonderful shop. Does anyone know if Gary, Celal, and Keith moved to the Binny's on Grand?

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            Celal is now at the Ivanhoe Binnys.