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Mar 20, 2007 01:32 PM

Suggestions in the Dragoon mts. area AZ?

Tombstone, Benson, St David, Bisbee?? TIA!

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  1. The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee is a nice locale to eat. They offer pretty standard American fare...but the setting is fun......
    You feel like you are dining at the turn of the century....

    1. the only really notable place is cafe roka in bisbee. lots of interesting bars in bisbee. a few cute places in sonoita & patagonia. lots of tourist traps in tombstone, not to say that they might not have some decent food. not much in benson. nothing in st. david beyond a convenience store and take out. sierra vista probably has every franchise place you've ever heard of. only eats real close to the dragoons are the pistacio orchards

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        Thank to both you and Ciaogal - much as I expected, slim pickins'!

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          OCEllen...wish the choices were better....I am down that way quite a bit for work and I find myself settling for a Chain restaurant... a la 'Chili's' at least their salads are
          If you head to Patagonia...don't miss the Velvet Elvis (only open Thursday thru Sunday) Great setting, great Salads and Pizza! Try The 'Exorcist' Pizza!

          Also if you get a chance - visit the Sonoita Vineyards!

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            Velvet Elvis Pizza looks great! So does the vineyard area!
            This trip it is just my husband and brother taking their mother's ashes to the Dragoon's - she was born, 88 years ago, and raised in Tombstone, and loved the blue and purple light reflected from Dragoon sunsets.
            Thanks for your great responses!

      2. I know of some great places! In Bisbee, there's a place called the Bisbee Breakfast Club that is open for breakfast and lunch every day except Tues. & Wed. They have fantastic food and great service. If you want takeout, the High Desert Market has some WONDERFUL things on their menu. I've never gone wrong there, plus yuo can buy a bottle of wine or some interesting cheese and crackers. I've heard the Peacock in Sierra Vista is to die for, but I've yet to go (next trip, maybe). Plus there's a new restaurant that is supposed to be fantastic called Adobe. If you're in the Dragoon Mts, stop by the Triangle T Guest Ranch that was recently renovated and is under new ownership. Further east is Rodney's Barbecue in Willcox. True southern good stuff! Off the top of my head, that's what I can think of right now!

        1. One other thing I forgot! Imagine great Indian-inspired food in Tombstone. It's true! Ranch 22 at the Best Western just outside of town is open nightly and they have some yummy stuff!

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            Thanks! My husband is there now and I will call him and share your great suggestions!

          2. I live near Benson, about 30 minutes from Tucson. Cafe Roka in Bisbee is awesome, definitely worth a trip. Also quite good is Mama Rosa's, in the Warren section of Bisbee. It has no liquor license, but you can BYOB. For a good Mexican food meal, try Ricardo's in Hereford, it is on Hwy 92 between Bisbee and Sierra Vista. I would make the drive to Tucson and go to one of the Gavi Restaurants for an amazing Italian dinner. Anytime we go to Tucson, that is my pick.

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