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Mar 20, 2007 12:46 PM

Vegetarian (or fish) sandwich

It's looking like soup (tomato and red pepper) and sandwich for dinner tonight. The soup I've got, what I need is a good idea for a sandwich. I'm not opposed to tuna or eggs but otherwise would like it vegetarian. Grilled cheese and fried egg sandwiches aren't thrilling me, any other ideas?

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  1. hummus and cucumber, with or without the addition of sprouts and tomatoes (though I wouldn't eat tomatoes this early in the year).

    hummus and carrot (shredded carrots)

    apple and brie

    cheddar and mango chutney

    smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese and dill

    mashed avocado drizzled with a little olive oil and ground salt and pepper. mmmm.

    1. Hummus, avocado, sprouts, tomato and cheddar
      Cucumber and watercress
      Creamy eggs with creme fraiche, smoked trout and roe
      Roasted eggplant, olive oil, parmesan, mozarella and tomato
      Sardine sandwiches

      1. How about fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil with salt and pepper? Grill it for an upscale grilled cheese!

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          Hey, that's what I had planned to have tonight--but a panini.

        2. At my favorite lunch spot I get a sandwich of hummus, tabouli, tomatoes, and sprouts in a whole wheat pita. It's awesome. Sometimes I have them add lettuce too.

          1. Caramelized onions with a thick slice of grilled Portobello mushroom on a crusty french roll, drizzle with balsamic vinegar, serve. Eat.