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Runny yolks over...

They've shown up as suggestions in a few threads, over salad, enchiladas,... What do you like eggs w/ runny yolks over and how do you prepare the eggs (hard boiled, poached, sunny side, etc.)? Does anyone have it over pasta? Sounds like a good dinner for tonight.

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  1. My friend makes something called eggs in purgatory: basically eggs poached in pasta sauce, all served over spaghetti or good, crusty bread. My personal favorite is soft-boiled eggs with bread soldiers, but fried eggs over potato curry are terrific, also.

    1. I love soft-poached eggs over wilted frisee salad with lardons. It's enough to send your cholesterol into orbit but so deliciously rich and satisfying. And of course, pasta carbonara wouldn't be the same without the egg coating on each strand.

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        I do the same salad but add lentiles de puy cooked up with a bit of diced carrot adn leeks. It makes that frisee salad a very satisfying meal.

      2. Grits aren't just for breakfast (and neither are eggs)! I love buttered grits with an over easy egg on top. Sometimes I add cheddar. Very satisfying.

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          Can't imagine my grits without runny egg yolks. It is just a natural combo.

        2. Pretty much any and everything. My SO is fond of saying that I'll eat anything if you put a fried egg on it. Poached, on asparagus with parmesean is a favorite.

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            As a combo of the 2 previous ideas, tonight I had an over easy egg on Parmesan grits with steamed asparagus tips stirred in. Delicious "upscale" comfort food- thanks for the inspiration!

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              Let's face it, grits are basically polenta and can be just as versatile. I'll have to try the asparagus, which is one of my favorite veggies.

          2. egg (with runny yolk) on homemade pizza = good
            - just add the egg in the center of the pizza near the very end of the baking

            1. I'm another fan of the soft-boiled egg with buttered bread soldiers. Another childhood one:
              Toad-in-the Hole -- cut out a hole in a piece of bread -- fry in butter -- flip over, crack egg into the hole -- fry some more-- salt, pepper maybe some worster sauce-- yum.

              But a new egg fave is hard-boiled egg dipped in chili paste as you eat. Mmm.

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                I will slip an egg into almost any kind of soup, poach and break into the yolk at the table.

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                  There's a Colombian restaurant we went to the other night. One or two of the soups, and I think a steak dish, come with an egg on top, but you can add one to any dish on the menu. I'm already plotting how many trips there it's going to take me to try everything I'd like an egg on!

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                  Toad in the hole is actually yorkshire pudding with bangers cooked in it (toad) peeking out of the yorkshire (hole). However like bitebite I have a love of 3 minute boiled egg with buttered soldiers and egg-in-the-whole using sourdough bread. Will definitely try the hard boiled egg dipped in chili paste.

                3. I know this is almost so obvious, but nothing beats over easy eggs broken up over some well done hash browns. Lots of salt and pepper and you're in heaven.

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                    Change the hash browns to corned beef hash and you have the perfect breakfast.

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                      Sunny-sides on top of tamales. The taste combo is yum!!

                  2. I like mine running over leftover rice with soy sauce, hot sauce and some veggies if they're left over, too. A homemade, really fast bi bim bap.

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                      Me too. Fried egg on hot rice with sauteed spinach, bean sprouts, whatever veggies are around, chopped up nori (the salty Korean kind especially), gochujang (Korean hot sauce) and a smidge of soy sauce. When I was a grad student, egg + rice + Heinz ketchup was good enough!

                    2. Over toast, hash browns, corned beef hash, frisee salad, and yes, pasta. I like spaghetti tossed with olive oil, garlic, anchovies, hot pepper flakes and wilted spinach and topped with a runny fried or soft-boiled egg.

                      It's good without the spinach too. Or cooked broccoli instead of the spinach.

                      1. In his PBS "challenge" show w/top chefs, Mark Bittman made a pasta dish that was topped w/a fried egg. Wish I could find that recipe...

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                          i think this is the recipe you're looking for. http://www.howtocookeverything.tv/htc...

                          it looked so good on his show that i made it for dinner that same night!

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                            That's it -- thank you! Guess what's for dinner tonight -

                        2. love runny yolks in an eggs benedict, esp. with crab cakes
                          also love runny yolks in huevos rancheros--the yolks temper some of the spice
                          soft-boiled eggs with asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto or another kind of cured delight
                          fettucine with lemon and egg yolks
                          the most decadent thing i've ever eaten with oozing yolks was a croque madame, basically a grilled cheese with ham, topped with a fried egg and then covered with mornay (i.e., more cheese) sauce. i am ashamed to admit that it was a little too much for my stomach to handle and i had to give up after a half and down copious amounts of alka seltzer, but it was GOOD.

                          1. high quality silken tofu, cut into largish blocks and heated briefly in hot water while your eggs are poaching... (In a rush, I use a morinu package cut in halfs)
                            Carefully remove the tofu from the water and lightly drain and put on plates or in small bowls; scoop on a little well big enough for an egg yolk (can put the remainder on the side, or save for something else) Take out poached eggs, trim whites if you want, and set yolk in the tofu. Sprinkle with green onion, bonito flakes, and the lightest drizzle of soba tsuyu or weak soy. Sounds complex, but it takes just a few mins all told and is smooth, subtle, and comforting...

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                              Did you read the recipe in Harumi's Japanese Cooking? That photo looked soooo good, but I never made it...

                              1. re: amyzan

                                yes!!! i don't own the book but got inspired by the image of that photo, and make it (my version) not infrequently... :) soooooo comforting

                            2. Every year for my birthday, I have a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Every year for the day after my birthday breakfast, I have a slice of cake with a fried egg on top. I look forward to that breakfast all year. Something about the richness of the chocolate and the richness of the yolk is so decadent.

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                                Okay I eat some weird stuff but this post seriously traumatized me. To each his own I guess! I'll stick with hash browns.

                                P.S. My friend eats a runny egg over a Taco Bell enchirito. ???

                              2. Sunny side up, runny yolk mandatory, over steaming hot garlic fried rice, dotted with Maggi...my idea of perfect comfort food for breakfast (or dinner, or midnight snack...) Mmmmm.

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                                  Most things on this thread sound really good but this caught my eye. I'm going to have to make some garlic fried rice, though I'll omit the Maggi.

                                2. A poached egg atop a baked sweet potato with cajun spice and butter is nice.

                                  I love to wrap asparagus spears in smoked salmon slices, grill and top with a poached egg, some vodka creme fraiche and a small dollop of caviar.

                                  Egg poached in wild mushroom consomme then drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with chives.

                                  A runny fried egg on top of leftover saag paneer is a favourite breakfast.

                                  Poached egg on top of red wine risotto with spanish chorizo.

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                                    Wow, your asparagus and salmon spears with poached egg, creme fraiche and caviar sounds wonderful. It sounds like brunch this weekend. My current favorite brunch item is english muffin topped with smoked salmon, Humboldt Fog cheese and a runny poached egg.

                                  2. I like a runny egg over any legume. I made some (seriously inauthentic) channa masala the other day and ate a runny egg with it, along with some sauteed spinach. Also some chickpeas sauteed with garlic and lemon zest, with some slow roasted tomatoes. I've also enjoyed it over lentils and rice. Usually with some kind of leafy green vegetable alongside.

                                    1. last night i came home hungry after having a few cocktails and made this
                                      formed leftover cous cous into a patty and fried it so it was crunch on the outside, then I fried an egg over easy placed it on top of the cous couse (and popped the yolk) then topped it with some cheddar cheese..I was "drunk cooking" but the food actually tasty pretty darn good!!

                                      1. theres a great recipe i got here on chowhound that pairs grilled asparagus with a miso/butter/sherry schmear and tops it with a poached egg. way yum.

                                        in the vein of bibimbop or fried rice, a simple dinner is to toss warm rice (i like short grain brown rice best for this) with kimchi and chopped peanuts, and top with an over easy egg.

                                        i think eggs are good on most everything. lots of good ideas in this thread!

                                        1. Poached egg over thick black bean soup (I admit, I used canned Amy's Organic), topped with hot sauce.