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Mar 20, 2007 11:29 AM

Business dinner for 15; private room needed

Hey San Diegan,

I need a recommendation in Downtown SD for 15 people. Price isn't an object (corporate card) and I need a private room. I've called Mister A, but they are booked up. Any ideas? Thank you!!!

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  1. I think both Laurel and JSix have private rooms

    1. Rainwater's on Kettner has private rooms. I think Oceanaire does as well. Morton's Steakhouse has private rooms. Modus has a semi-private room--it's more like an enclosed patio that has a glass wall separating it from the bar are.

      1. I just put together a really nice business dinner for 20 people at Molly's restaurant in the San Diego Marriott Marina Hotel, next to the convention center. We had it in January of 2007. Talk to Lisa Redwine (yes, it's really her name). She's the sommelier and I believe the restaurant manager. They have a private room that can seat 20 maximum people. It was WONDERFUL. I can't say enough about how many compliments I got afterwards. She helped me put together a fantastic menu with wine pairings (which I highly recommend). Also, they validate parking in the hotel. Good luck! One last note, Lisa help me put together this dinner in a matter of days.