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Mar 20, 2007 11:20 AM

Hey Cupcake near campus

As of yesterday, there is a little stand (think sno cone-ish) in a parking lot across from the Castillian. There is a pink frosted cupcake on top and the words "Hey Cupcake" across the front. I am delighted by the idea of a tasty cupcake outlet near my office. Does anyone know anything about this? Any cupcake recommendations?

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  1. I walked by today, but it wasn't open. There weren't any signs on it either saying hours of operation or even what they have. It's a mystery to me.

    1. Try Tiff's Treats down by MLK behind Jimmy John's. They have great sweets. I am sure they ake cupcakes, and they deliver too!

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        We used to get Tiff's cookies delivered to the office every now and then. To die for, I tell ya.

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          I love Tiff's Treats and think they make a superior sugar cookie. Very tasty. However, they do not sell cupcakes...I tried.

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            Aww. thats a bummer. I just assumed that they would. Sorry bout that. Have one of their cookie on me.

          2. re: Homero

            when picking up cookies from tiff's last week, i found out they make made-to-order ice cream sandwiches with their delicious cookies. didn't try one, since we already had cookies ordered....but i'm goin' back.

          3. Funny - I was driving around the neighborhoof north of Anderson several weeks ago and I saw that stand in someone's they were putting the finishing touches on it.

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              OT-Email me melanie-at-herrmans-dot-com at some point, have a question.

            2. I was driving past here Thursday afternoon around 3:30 and it was open. Unfortunately I was in my car and all I could see was a short menu with cupcakes and drinks listed. The Daily Texan has an article with more information:


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                Thanks. hmmm...a young man who confesses he just learned to bake, not exactly what I was hoping to find. I will still give it a chance, though.

              2. a friend went today and said it costs $2 a cupcake, and the hours fluctuate since he closes when he runs out of that days supply of cupcakes.

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                1. re: luxe rabbit

                  Did the friend mention if the cupcakes were any good?

                  1. re: austinethos

                    I had the same experience. I went once and the vanilla cupcakes were decent, the chocolate not so great. Driving by a second time my friend wanted to stop and we ate half of the cupcakes and threw the other half away. The quality actually decreased within 3 days....