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Hey Cupcake near campus

As of yesterday, there is a little stand (think sno cone-ish) in a parking lot across from the Castillian. There is a pink frosted cupcake on top and the words "Hey Cupcake" across the front. I am delighted by the idea of a tasty cupcake outlet near my office. Does anyone know anything about this? Any cupcake recommendations?

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  1. I walked by today, but it wasn't open. There weren't any signs on it either saying hours of operation or even what they have. It's a mystery to me.

    1. Try Tiff's Treats down by MLK behind Jimmy John's. They have great sweets. I am sure they ake cupcakes, and they deliver too!

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        We used to get Tiff's cookies delivered to the office every now and then. To die for, I tell ya.

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          I love Tiff's Treats and think they make a superior sugar cookie. Very tasty. However, they do not sell cupcakes...I tried.

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            Aww. thats a bummer. I just assumed that they would. Sorry bout that. Have one of their cookie on me.

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            when picking up cookies from tiff's last week, i found out they make made-to-order ice cream sandwiches with their delicious cookies. didn't try one, since we already had cookies ordered....but i'm goin' back.

          3. Funny - I was driving around the neighborhoof north of Anderson several weeks ago and I saw that stand in someone's yard...like they were putting the finishing touches on it.

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              OT-Email me melanie-at-herrmans-dot-com at some point, have a question.

            2. I was driving past here Thursday afternoon around 3:30 and it was open. Unfortunately I was in my car and all I could see was a short menu with cupcakes and drinks listed. The Daily Texan has an article with more information:


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                Thanks. hmmm...a young man who confesses he just learned to bake, not exactly what I was hoping to find. I will still give it a chance, though.

              2. a friend went today and said it costs $2 a cupcake, and the hours fluctuate since he closes when he runs out of that days supply of cupcakes.

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                  Did the friend mention if the cupcakes were any good?

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                    I had the same experience. I went once and the vanilla cupcakes were decent, the chocolate not so great. Driving by a second time my friend wanted to stop and we ate half of the cupcakes and threw the other half away. The quality actually decreased within 3 days....

                2. Tried the cupcakes and was disappointed. Cake was too crumbly...fell apart at first bite. Icing was grainy...could feel all the sugar grains against my tongue. My companion didn't finish hers either. That being said, I have yet to find a great cupcake in this town. Whole Foods had dry cake, Central Market's icing was waxy (yet pretty). I want a nice moist yellow cupcake with buttercream frosting...I will keep looking.

                  1. Just had my first "hey cupcake",reminded me of when I first started baking at age 9...for a bakesale or something....the baker could pick up a copy of Joy of Cooking and produce a better one.That being said;not bad,just not something to necessarily worthy of basing a business on.Love the cocept but....

                    1. The cupcakes are mediocre and crumbly and the frosting tastes extremely artificial (imitation vanilla). Cute idea, and friendly owner, but the cupcakes need improvement.

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                        Lucy's Cakes on Bee Caves ("Best BDay Cakes in Austin") makes the best cupcakes I've ever tasted in Austin. Great moist cake & perfect icing. THEY should get a Cupcake Truck !

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                          When is Lucy's bakery counter open? I've tried going by a couple of times, but the joint is always closed. Their site, while pretty, is not particularly helpful - it has no details about hours or their store itself. I've been wanting to try their fare for a long time, and I'm happy to hear that you enjoy it so much! :-)

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                          Hey Cupcake! The worst cupcake I have EVER had. My friend spit her's out on the table. Sweet, no flavor, fake icing - awful.

                        3. I read on austinist.com that the only flavor worth trying at Hey Cupcake is the Red Velvet; they seem to have gotten that one right.

                          Also worth looking into is Babycakes - http://www.austinbabycakes.com/index.htm
                          From their website:
                          Babycakes was born in Austin, Texas on February 14, 2006, and true love it was.

                          From weddings to baby showers to birthdays, our cupcakes bring a touch of sass to a vintage favorite. Our signature pink box makes a delectable thank you or client appreciation gift too. We deliver directly to your home, office or any location to satisfy your cupcake craving.

                          All of our recipes are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients which include all-natural, organic and local farm fresh products, from 100% Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla to cage free organic eggs. We support local area farmer's markets in Austin and surrounding counties, which makes us extra proud of our creations.

                          Adewaal, they make just the one you're looking for called Vanilla Kiss. They also offer a variety of other flavors from carrot to coconut to pumpkin chocolate chunk (a vegan offering).

                          Happy eating!

                          1. I agree that these are the WORST cupcakes I've ever tasted. Both the cupcakes and frosting were atrocious and I threw mine away (we tried the carrot cake and yellow cupcake with choc frosting). I just don't understand opening a cupcake shop without a fantastic cupcake recipe.

                            Babycakes is also terribly disappointing and I wouldn't recommend it. Their cupcakes are extremely dense and crumbly, which I didn't care for. If you want a homemade treat, get some cookies from Tiff's Treats.

                            1. Cupcake Nazi – Hey Cupcake Austin: The cupcakes were good but not exceptional. Most importantly, the service was lacking professionalism and courtesy. After making arrangements to pick up the cupcakes Wes, the owner, was very arrogant in handling my order. He did not hold himself responsible for the miscommunication and became argumentative and rude when I asked when the cupcakes would be ready. The bakery was closed when I had arranged to pick up the cupcakes. I was told to wait for them to deliver without being given a time estimate. In summary, Wes needs to learn how to cater to his customer and not belittle or make his customer feel responsible for his poor time management skills.

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                                Cupcakes have always been a point of contention in my life - seems as if there's always some emotional aspect to them. Kind of like kites and butterflies.

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                                  Are there two Hey Cupcake trailers? There's one parked up in Rollingwood (in a cul de sac) and I walk past it every day when I walk the dog. We just got the dog a couple weeks ago so I don't know how long its been there (its just a whitish trailer with Hey Cupcake on the front... not open just parked).

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                                    My BF and I noticed it off SoCo the last time we had dinner in the area. We specifically noticed the line and decided it was a must do after dinner. They were out of red velvet and carrot, our first two choices. So we settled on Chocolate with a whipper (shot of whipped cream in the middle). Was it the best cup cake I ever ate? I can't say. But at the time we were so tickled about eating a childhood treat with whipped cream to boot...that we thought they were fabulous!

                              2. A Trip to Bountiful Bakery on Bee Caves and Walsh Tarlton (in the shopping center near the Michael's) has THE BEST cupcakes ever! Plus, they are beautiful and perfect for wedding showers.

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                                  What's the second best cupcake option in town?

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                                    This might get me jumped on, or otherwise stripped of any credibility to which I might have pretended, but I bought a little white cupcake out of the WalMart bakery the other day (victim of a sudden unstoppable craving). Generally I hate grocery store cakes, with that gritty tasteless icing and even more tasteless cake.

                                    But this was not bad at all, and I would have unreservedly enjoyed it if I hadn't foolishly smashed it a bit on one side. The icing was smooth and light, and the cake was not too sweet, had a nice vanilla and butter flavor, and an even, moist texture. For $0.58 (they are small, though), I was impressed.

                                    But I almost never buy cupcakes anywhere, as I assume that they are going to be no better than a box mix, and I feel lucky if they're that good.

                                    As I see it, if Magnolia is the ideal, that's not saying much for this trend. Mostly for people who eat only with their eyes.

                                2. I can't speak for Hey Cupcake, but if you're looking for a good cupcake in Austin, check out Lucy's Cakes on Bee Caves. The chocolate w/ fudge frosting is, I think, especially tasty. :-)