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Mar 20, 2007 11:20 AM

La Cocina de Consuelo - any opinions?

I ride past this place every day and haven't been there yet. It's located next to the bakery on 45th & Burnet.

Anyone been in there? Is it worth checking out?

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  1. I think I've been there. Is it right next door to the bakery? If I recall correctly, their flour tortillas were good: They tasted housemade, of the type served at Don Luis. The only reason I never went back is that Consuelo’s only seemed to offer chicken or beef as taco fillings. The beef that I tried was just okay.

    Since I want food to-go when I’m in that area, I've never tried any of the plates on their menu. If you check it out, let us know what you think of the chow—and maybe update us on any new taco options?


    1. Nice people, mediocre food. Went once, i think i had a torta which simply missed the mark...don't remember details...friend had carne guisada which i also recall being off somehow. he didn't like it either...
      we agreed it would not merit further exploration. go elsewhere!

      live, from kansas, it's sambamaster!!!

      1. I crave their breakfast tacos. The tortillas are housemade, as MPH states, and the breakfast taco fillings are delicious. I like the Stacy's (avocado, machacado) and the Janey's (chorizo, rajas, machacado, jalapeno). The machacado is just so good, dry, very savory beef that just complements the eggs and the spicy fillings perfectly. The chorizo is a beef chorizo.

        The breakfast tacos are huge, more like breakfast burritos. You only need one. They are 2.45. If I ever go through an incredibly tight period financially, I may seriously consider eating at Consuelo's twice a day.

        The owners are also very nice. Several times they offered to let me take tacos and pay later so I don't have to charge less than 5 dollars to my debit card. I know they also put together dinners for some of my mom friends that the moms can then take home and heat in their kitchens, very convenient.

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          That sounds pretty awesome. You wouldn't happen to know what kind of hours they have off the top of your head would ya?

          1. re: hooliganyouth

            Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm Sunday, 8am-2pm, per their website.

        2. I love the homemade flour tortillas. We have ordered breakfast tacos from there a few times and once I had the Queso fresco in chile ancho sauce which was delicious. The chile ancho sauce was very dark and dense, almost like a mole - which was an interesting contrast to the white, crumbly queso fresco. Breakfast takeout from Connie's Kitchen, a couple of cinnamon rolls from Upper Crust next door, and a pot of coffee and I am in heaven.