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Mar 20, 2007 11:17 AM


i just finished reading tony bourdains book THE NASTY BITS (really fun), & he mentions
a spot in NOLA i am not familiar with called snake & jake's christmas club lounge; an
after hours hangout for chefs, cooks, etc.
what do local chowhounds know about this seemingly crazy joint? is it still open? where is
it? is there food?
also a joint called tee-eva's, know anything about that?

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  1. I have seen things in S&J's that defy description, but this was back in the pre-K 1990s. It's in uptown, not too far from Loyola & Tulane universities.

    1. Oooh.. I've been wanting to read that, is it on paperback yet? Snake and Jake's is still going strong post-k. It is hard to find and it don't quite jump out and grab you. It is a very interesting place to say the least. They used to have naked Thursdays (if you get naked, you drink free)...don't know if they still do that however. Tee-eva's is a little stand near the corner of napoleon and magazine. You cannot miss it, it is bright yellow. She serves pies and snowballs...everynow and then you can catch some musicians playing in her carport as well.

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        Tee Eva's has more than pies and snowballs, she has savory foods, too. Well worth a visit.

      2. Snake & Jake's is on Oak St in the University area, between Tulane Univ and Carrollton. It looks like a dilapidated tin garage so it is a bit hard to find. It is 100% worth the visit, but it really gets going later on at night, after midnight. There is no food, and I am not sure I would want to eat food made there anyway. Go and have a great time.

        1. Definitely go after midnight (2 AM is even more lively). If you're not into trekking uptown, you can go to the Circle Bar at Lee Circle which is owned by the same people & attracts a similar crowd.

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            Snake & Jake's is alive and well in the Carrollton/University Area of New Orleans!!! Don't know why you think it is and has been closed, baby, but come on by for a drink!
            Long Live Oak Street!!!

          2. Snake and Jakes is closed and has been for a while now.

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            1. re: localfoodie

              When did it close? I was just there in October....

              1. re: malenky

                Maybe local foodie just arrived too early. I met the owners a couple of months ago, and there was no mention of closing the place.

              2. re: localfoodie

                I got around to checking this out last night (by sending DH and his buddy to check, I don't stay up that late these days). It's open, just like always.