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Mar 20, 2007 10:58 AM

Good Eats Near Heathrow

I am flying through London later today and have an 8hr layover at heathrow. Are there any good places to eat near the airport? I can take a cab and grab a bite while i wait...i hope.

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  1. Take a cab out to Bray and eat at the Hinds Head pub. It's owned by Hester Blumenthal and the food is wonderful. It's near Windsor - another alternative. There is really not much else very close to LHR... or take the Tube into London.

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      1. Don't get a black cab from Heathrow, call AAA on 01628 624446 and get them to meet you, costs about £22 from terminal 1,2,3 and £25 from 4.Also worth phoning the Fat Duck on the day to check cancellations.

        1. if you have that much time, pretty much anything in london is open to you since its a quick 15 minute train ride on the heathrow express to paddington.