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Mar 20, 2007 10:26 AM

KC, help me find a fish

Having decided that I need to Eat More Fish, I came across a recipe that I'd like to make this weekend (Good Eats Red Snapper en Papillote). It calls for a whole red snapper, cleaned, with head on. Possible substitutions would be trout or tilapia.

If I were looking to buy this fish on Thursday or Friday morning in the greater Kansas City area, what would be my best bet? Preferably someplace south of the River and west of US 71.

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  1. I can't if Chinatown Market on 202 Grand near City Market had red snapper specifically, but they have lots of different kinds of whole fish and the Mexicans working the counter will gladly clean it the way you want it and call you mami (in a sweet endearing way, not in a leering gross way) too.

    1. I know I've seen whole red snapper at the Hen House at 135th and Metcalf, but I don't know whether they carry it on a regular basis or not. And it doesn't help you right now, but don't forget to sign up for the e-mails for Fabian Seafoods:

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      1. re: Katie Nell

        Probably way too late, heatherkay, but Fabian Seafoods is coming next Thursday to Lawrence (3- 6 pm), and my dad says they usually have red snapper.

        1. re: Katie Nell

          Thanks for the heads-up -- Thursday afternoon in Lawrence is just a no-can-do. I did end up making the thing, but with two large tilapia filets instead of a whole snapper. It worked perfectly, but I'll have to tweak the seasoning a little.

          1. re: heatherkay

            Yeah, I can't go either, but my dad is taking care of me!

      2. these are both good ideas -- I will also check the little Hen House in Fairway.

        1. You should call ahead, but Brookside Market normally has good fish. You could also try Wild Oats Market on Johnson Drive off of Shawnee Mission Parkway.

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          1. re: lwoerther

            Be sure to call ahead if you try Wild Oats. They were recently acquired by Whole Foods Market, and I've noticed that the store on Johnson Drive is a little less stocked than usual. This is probably in anticipation of a full inventory and reset. (They also have some good sales going on store label products, of which they have a good variety. I'm sure the warehouse is moving it on out!)

            1. re: amyzan

              Gosh, I really hope they're resetting and restocking rather than closing the store.

              That's really not a very good store, and I'd love to have a Whole Foods there.

              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                I hope they get some nicer employees in there- bonus points if they actually know about food!!

                1. re: Aaron Deacon

                  True that -- I would be SO excited if they moved a Whole Foods in there.

                  1. re: Aaron Deacon

                    I get the impression from conversations with employees that they expect the store to be called Whole Foods sometime in April. I didn't get the impression they were letting anyone go, or closing the store. I don't know how long it will take before the store looks substantially different, but it would sure be nice to get the best of both stores. There are things I buy at Wild Oats, which WFM doesn't carry.

                    1. re: amyzan

                      This may be more appropriate for another board, but offerings do vary quite a bit from market to market.

                      What do you especially like at this Wild Oats?

                      1. re: Aaron Deacon

                        Actually, I buy my cat's wet food there! Nobody else stocks it in the right size. I also buy store label mini pitas, which I haven't found as fresh anywhere else. They were the first to carry a larger assortment of sprouted grain breads, though WFM has caught on with these. They have a fresh juice bar, which WFM doesn't, and carry a different selection of supplements, with more brands. It used to be I could only find unspiced taro chips there, but I find them at WFM somtimes now. They carry beans in glass jars, too. WFM used to have these, but they're completely gone now. The cannelini are fantastic with pasta, parsley, and lemon for a quick dinner.

                        Unfortunately, much of the rest of the store is less appealing.