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Mar 20, 2007 10:12 AM

Amhreins Chef

Am thinking of going to Amhreins tonight if the new chef has started cooking there. Pegmeister had indicated that the chef from CF Donovans was headed there. Does anyone know if he has started yet?

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  1. I'm not sure if he started yet, but he left Donovans on the 10th and as I understand it the offer from Amhreins was already on the table. His name is Richie. I'm actually going to Donovans tonight so I'll ask, discreetly of course. I'm not sure if you have been to Donovans but he really did a great job especially with such a large menu. I've only been to Amhreins once and that was about a month ago and I really wasn't impressed so I defnitely think they will benefit.

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      I called Amhreins and they confirmed they have a new chef and he is from Donovans. And he has already started working there.

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        Just a quick update. I went to Amhreins last night and Richie was working. The menu will be changing in a few weeks, but for the moment he is introducing some of his specials. I had the sesame chicken with rice and stir fry vegetables and it was delicious. The sauce had a mild peanut flavor, while the chicken was slightly crunchy yet still moist and tender. My DC thoroughly enjoyed the surf and turf. Tenderloin steak cooked as ordered was melt in your mouth and the baked stuffed shrimp (2) were of good size with a stuffing that complimented without overpowering the shrimp. My only complaint would be the wine list. Their choices for whites are just horrid. At least the reds had a few palatable choices, but they really need to upgrade their wine list!!!

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          Good to hear about the changes coming to Amrheins. Any word on the quality at Donovan's? I hope it hasn't dropped at all, since I'll be heading there in a day or two!

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            Amrheins is one of our favorites when we crave comfort food. The shrimp cocktails are always excellent. The shrimp are large, freshly cooked and never have that iodine taste you get as some places. you order them by the piece and although they are cheap ($3.00 ea.) they are very good. They are served with a decent traditional cocktail sauce.

            We were there last weekend and were told that they had a new chef. I tried one of his specials which was a parmesan crusted haddock filet that was served with mashed potatos, broccoli and a tomato salsa. There was a very generous serving of fish, perfectly cooked and the crust added a nice crispy texture that did not over power the fish. My DC had her usual grilled salmon which they have always done well at Amrheins. The new chef shows great promise and I am sure will make dining there even more enjoyable.

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              Don't worry, the quality at Donovan's is still there although you will detect subtle differences. I had the buffalo chicken potato skins and they were great, the only difference was the cheese was melted on top of the chicken and there was more potato left on the skin. My DC felt that the chicken pot pie was better, with a lighter sauce and more vegetables. Their new chef started this past Monday, but he hasn't started changing the menu yet.