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Mar 20, 2007 10:09 AM

Food in Amsterdam East?

An Amsterdam workplace (non-profit sector) is moving from the Old South to Amsterdam-East in the Indischebuurt near the Dappermarkt. This is a more working-class and multicultural area, still more than a bit rough around the edges, but changing.

Any good foodie recommendations in the area between Oosterpark and Flevopark - Javastraat - west of the Muiderpoort railway station viaduct this street becomes Eerste van Swindenstraat. Dappermarkt or thereabouts - whether restaurants, takeout food, interesting shops? Has anyone eaten at the restaurant at the Tropenmuseum?

We are most interested in small, relatively-inexpensive places in the vicinity - but that do have good food and a pleasant atmosphere - not so much in the very trendy places opening up in the nearby docklands area.

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  1. Hi lagatta,

    I like Pata Negra corner Reiwardstraat/Linnaeusstraat,also Savvas in the v. Swindenstraat and de Ponteneur at the corner of v, Swindenstraat near Javastraat,

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      Thanks, zeven. Guess I'll have to google to see what each of those places do...

    2. Just stumbled across your post--you're probably well settled in by now, but I thought I'd mention the following in case anyone's googling:

      1) Roopram Roti on 1e van Swindenstraat. Super-spicy Surinamese, often a line. I had the lamb roti extra and it rocked.

      2) Moroccan fish stores -- there are two or three in the neighborhood that are regular fish shops but will also cook up anything you pick out of the case. The one I've been to is on Sumatrastraat just north of Insulindeweg. Amazing--the most succulent garlicky shrimp, and great fish soup. And about E10 per person in the end.

      Both of these places are lacking in standard 'atmosphere,' but chowhounds will likely think they have the absolute best atmosphere...

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      1. re: zora

        Zora, I don't live there, just go there a few times a year, so your recs are most welcome! Yes, that is exactly the kind of places we are looking for - though modest "sit-down" restos are also welcome.

        I'll definitely have the Sumatrastraat fishmonger's cook up something, as I lack much in the way of kitchen facilities when there.