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Mar 20, 2007 10:08 AM

Help w/ My First Trip to Kam Man

I'm going to venture up to Kam Man in Quincy and spend some cash today - do any of the more experienced posters have any recomendations for stuff I should check out?

I'm hoping to get some beef ribs and kimchee so I can make kalbi this week, and hopefully some more exotic cuts of meat to experiment with. I'll also be fulfilling a bubble tea craving.

Any and all suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated

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  1. Hi,

    Make sure to check out the prepared foods deli and the bakery (to the right of the store when you walk in). If you like the Chinese style whole roast duckling, they sell them for $15 each, and they will chop it up for you. Absolutely delicious. They also have giant spicy prawns which are crunchy and long as you don't mind eating the heads and shells.

    If you like making soup and stocks, get a bag of chicken feet and use it in your chicken stock. It adds a nice rich flavor and lots of gelatin to the soup.

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      also, will I be totally lost as a white boy who only speaks English? I assume most of the packaged product will be easy enough to figure out, it's the loose items and stuff I can't recognize that will be a challenge...

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        Most of the packages have English descriptions on them. Broken English, sometimes, but still enough to know what it is. All of the signs in the fresh fish and fresh meat departments are also in English and Chinese, so you shouldn't have a problem. I don't speak any Chinese at all, and I shop there regularly with no problems.