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Mar 20, 2007 09:49 AM


Tried Nove about a week or so ago. For those unaware, this is the Italian concept from the guys that own N9NE steakhouse and it is also down in Victory Plaza. We went in on a Friday after Savor Dallas. Place had only been open a week so it wasn't crowded.

Dining room is absolutely stunning. Chandeliers that change colors, a floor to ceiling wine rack with digital lights that spell out words, make flames, etc, large comfortable booths, and pictures on the walls that change periodically, similar to some of the billboards you see around town.

Wine list is almost 100% Italian, which I happen to love but can be confusing if you're not all that familiar with Italian wines. As I wrote in my post on N9NE, the sommelier for both restaurants came from Nana, Aurora and Per Se. He knows his stuff and is very approachable and helpful for Italian wine novices.

Service was the team concept with 1 guy for water, 1 for bread and then a waiter that oversees the table. Very efficient, knowledgable and attentive.

Considering it had just opened, I'll cut the kitchen some slack but it needs some work. Apps, we had lobster flatbread pizza that was very good. Generous amount of lobster with a bechamel sauce and arugula. The calamari was good, not great. Pan fried with peppers, it is spicier than your normal version.

Main dishes we had swordfish in a lemon artichoke sauce. Very nice and light but not the best swordfish I've had. Veal Osso Bucco with saffron risotto. Meat was warm, not hot, and was not fall off the bone tender. Risotto was soupy and mushy. "Sunday Gravy" was described as a fettucini with meatballs and sausage. It was just okay. One of the meatballs was 100% lamb which is fine but it was not advertised that way and the person that ordered it is not a huge lamb fan. There was also quite a bit of mozzarella on top. Basically, this dish just didn't come together. A bunch of parts that are fine on their own but didn't work together. The last dish we had was the bolognese which was okay but not anywhere near the best we'd had. We also ordered the truffle polenta as a side. It was very good, plenty of truffle taste.

Overall, I'll go back just to see if the kitchen works out the kinks. I guess the highlight of this particular evening was seeing Rocco Dispirito (in town for Savor Dallas) with a table full of beautiful women as we left.

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  1. As far as cost, was it worth the money?

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      I had a similar experiece a couple of weeks ago. The service was great. Awsome atmosphere with great music. Every dish was well prepared except the Osso Bucco. It was hot but, not as tender as it should be. My risotto was a little too undercooked. Every other dish I tried including the crudo appetizer (salmon, stripped bass, tuna and something else), bolognese, mozzarella caprese (super fresh mozz and tomatoes, pizza's, swordfish and the semi fredo were awsome.
      The wine list and service were great. Glasses were kept replenished and new wines were brought out in a timely manner. The sommelier did a great job helping me with my selections. Great wine prices as well.
      I had heard that the place was going to be very expensive like N9NE but, it is much less in price and more in value. Still, most entrees range from 25.00 to 40.00. Not overpriced in my opinion.

      1. re: sl1

        I will definitely give it another try. I didn't think the prices were outlandish. The sommelier told me they are actually planning on lowering their already reasonable (comparatively speaking) wine prices.

    2. We went to Nove on Saturday. Yes, it is a beautiful room full of beautiful people but we were just not impressed with the food.

      On the advice of friends who said "you have to get the lobster pizza!" we did just that. I think it should be renamed "bunch of arugula with a little lobster and bread on the side". It truly was an arugula salad on top of flatbread, ricotta and some lobster chunks thrown on top. The lobster was so over-seasoned that it was barely edible.

      Next we had a caesar salad which was over-dressed (unlike some of the women there!) with anchovy filets draped on top. Edible but nothing to brag about.

      What followed was one of the worst entrees I have ever had at this level of dining. It was titled "Linguine with Clams" with a subtitle of "white wine, parsley, and botarga". If botarga (fish roe) is your fifth listed ingredient then you'd better not serve a Botarga Linguine! Seriously. It's was like the argula pizza two courses prior. Manage your ingredients better! Needless to say it was inedible to me. My dining date had the filet mignon which had some kind of parmesan crust. Frankly I don't know what it had on it...I was so disillusioned by this time. For a side dish we had the gnocchi. This was very bland and mushy. I know gnocchi is by nature soft but it still has some substance to it. This tasted almost raw.

      For dessert I had the biscotti which was very abundant. My date had the homemade spumoni which was fantastic.

      Service was top notch. The wine was "ehh". I can't blame them for that as I probably ordered wrong.

      One thing I noticed: the menu I received at Nove listed a 1 3/4 pound lobster for $150 (which the table next to us ordered...looked impressive!) but the menu online lists a 3 pound lobster for $75. Something doesn't jive here.

      Anyway, we won't be back to Nove.