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Mar 20, 2007 09:49 AM

Best Chili

I am just getting into chili and have not had a very broad experience with chili but am curious where I could find some really good chili in the city. I dont have the highest tolerance for hot peppers but am willing to sweat it out for a good bowl of chili. Suggestions?

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  1. I had some good (albeit expensive) chili at BLT Burger a few weeks ago. Lots of heat, on the salty side I guess, but worth a try.

    1. Daisy Mae's BBQ [store on 46th and 11th; carts in Rockefeller Center when it warms up] serves great chili - all meat no beans.

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        Second Daisy May's! It's sweet and smoky. Man, I'd do anything for the recipe.

      2. JG Melon on Third Ave. Good burger too.

        1. Paquito's on 1st Avenue between St. Mark's and 9th Street. In the takeout side.
          The chili is very thick and long-simmered with beans, and instead of ground beef it has bits of carne asada steak. Jalapeno rounds are interspersed throughout, so it's got some kick, but they've been stewed for so long that it seems their flavor has dispersed throughout the bowl.
          I'm a punk-ass gringo, so I ask for mine "con queso" on top, and I get warm corn tortillas to eat it with (for some nominal extra charge), instead of the corn chips they try to give you.

          MMMMM. Now I know where I'm going for take-out tonight. . .

          1. Try the "Santa Fe Shepard's Pie" at Agave. This is a great "starter chili," as it's Agave's homemade macaroni & cheese with their fabulous homemade chili on top. I know this may sound like a strange combo, but it is absolutely superb.

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              Agave's MotherRoad Roadhouse Chili is excellent on it's own - as an appetizer, or on it's on, even as a meal. mmm braised beef & pork in dos xxs & chile!! so yummy!