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Mar 20, 2007 09:48 AM

Best Bets near Riviera in Uptown?

Going to a concert this weekend at the Riviera and wanted to eat an early dinner before 7pm, near the Riviera Theatre. I have been to the Argyle/Broadway neighborhood many times, but have never ventured beyond Tank Noodle and Sun Wah BBQ. I'm looking for something new and have no cuisine or price restrictions, although I recognize that the area is particularly great for Thai or Vietnamese. I am open to divey and upscale.

I've been combing through some of the old reviews on this board, like Siam Noodle on Sheridan, but those posts are pretty stale. Thanks for any new ideas and fresh posts for this neighborhood!

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  1. Hop Leaf Clark/Foster, walkable from Riv..........

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      That's a mile away, which is a pretty good walk - a half mile north and a half mile west of the Riviera, no matter how you walk it. Nothing wrong with the Hop Leaf, but there are lots of closer places.

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        It's a lot closer than a mile. It may be a mile on paper but it's not a mile. Actually, it's not even a mile (.8). And it's the Magnolia is only mariginally closer (.5). I like the Hop Leaf and recommend that. I have also heard really good things about Magonlia Cafe but haven't been so I don't know. A new sushi place opened up - Agami that has garners good reviews. Sushi I like on Clark is Hama Matsu (BYOB and Tokyo Marnina. Less than a mile away. A new Indian restuarant is right there - Marigold. Supposed to be a modern twist on Indian food. Phil Vettel reviewed it favorably. The Crew Bar has decent to good bar food if you are looking for something casual. Fiesta Mexicana is horrible. For excellent Mexican food, I like Riques Regional (BYOB) on Sheridan and Argyle but that's could be more of a walk then you want. Tank just opened up from being closed (Broadway/Argyle). That's always reliable. Thai Avenue is really good too (5100 Broadway). I like Fumera but it has been several years since I've been. There are tons of options by the Riv so you are lucky for that!

    2. I haven't yet been to the Magnolia Cafe, but it's on my list of places to try. Only two short blocks from the Riviera (one short block south and one short block west), less than a quarter mile door to door - nice and close!

      Magnolia Cafe
      1224 W. Wilson Ave.
      Tribune Review:

      No website AFAIK.

      1. I have been to Magnolia and loved it. Great food, the only letdown was the watery martini that I had. Pomegranite. I would also suggest Rique's over on Sheridan and Argyle, for great regional mexican food.

        1. In terms of Vietnamese, I'd recommend New Saigon (corner of Broadway and Argyle) across from Furama. Of the Vietnamese places I've tried, New Saigon is my favorite, and the most underrated. Pho 777 on Argyle is supposed to be great as well. And, though it's not walking distance, you can hop on the Lawrence bus and get off at Rockwell, and try a new Vietnamese banh mi shop called Nhu Lan (2612 W. Lawrence, Chicago). Definitely the best banh mi I've had in Chicago, and for $2.50, you can't go wrong.

          1. Thai Avenue is fantastic authentic Thai, also very BYOB friendly. On Broadway just south of Argyle, east side.

            Also Rique's Regional for quality Mexican.

            If you like Sushi there's a real "cute" (interesting decor) sushi place a few blocks south on Broadway, I forget the name, never eaten there but the setting is quite nice.

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              I bet that's Aganmi. Never been there either but the decor is interesting from when I walk past it. I have read good reviews but don't know first hand