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Mar 20, 2007 09:29 AM

Good sandwich - Biltmore area (PHX)

Got off a cruise ship yesterday and happy to be back eating real food. That said, I'm in the mood for an excellent sandwich for lunch, probably within a five mile radius of 24th St/Camelback.

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  1. hi,

    i'd say pane bianco, drip coffee lounge, and my guilty pleasure - sacks for the improv - turkey sandwhich with stuffing and cranberry sauce..good times :D

    welcome back!!

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    1. re: winedubar

      I have yet to visit Pane Bianco - are the lines bad at lunch and can you do take-out?

      1. re: azhotdish

        It's all take-out. I've only been on the weekend, and the lines haven't been bad. A warning, though - Central is really torn up near Pane Bianco. Leave yourself extra time for navigation. It's worth it!

        1. re: dustchick

          Thanks. Anything else come to mind, perhaps not downtown?

        2. re: azhotdish

          its not too bad at lunch, it is mostly take out, altho you can sit outside....

        3. re: winedubar

          Visited PB for the first time this afternoon...

          Wow, have I been missing out. I showed up at 11a and was their first customer. Ordered the mozzarella sandwich and "Julie's Organic Carolina Gold" rice pudding. Maybe a little overpriced at $11.98 (tax incl) but that mozzarella is as good as it gets. I think I'm going to be back at least once a week.

        4. There's always Duck and Decanter at 16th Street and Camelback. It is behind the Copenhagen furniture store, just east of the strip mall with the Albertson's.

          I like their sandwiches, although they can run on the high side, price wise.

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          1. re: Seth Chadwick

            agreed, but totally worth it. the place still has soul :)

          2. I ended up going to Middle Eastern Bakery & Deli.

            In a word: ANNOYED.

            Admittedly, this falafel ($4.99) is excellent, the pita is very fresh and so are the ingredients. Probably the best falafel I've had in a long time. Yes, I will return for this again.

            Now my annoyance - two things actually. I ordered a small side of hummus ($2.99 w/one pita, white or wheat). The hummus is just ok, but I think it needs a kick of lemon. Nice touch by topping it with parsley, hot peppers, tomatoes, an olive and some pickled veg I can't figure out. First, they put it in a clamshell container so when I got back to my office, maybe a quarter had spilled out. Are sealed containers really that expensive??? And second, they FORGOT THE PITA!!! So now I have some mediocre hummus with nothing to eat it with.

            I do take-out all the time for lunch and can't check every order to make sure they got it right. Am I crazy or just really picky?

            1. Au Petit Four is a great little French cafe open for breakfast and lunch. It's right under the AMC movie theater at 24th & Camelback. Ate there for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. The sandwiches were really good.

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              1. re: KCRob

                Yes KCRob, I've been there quite a bit as it's walking distance from my office. I do have to say though, I've noticed a decline in quality over the past two years.

                For example, the chicken and bacon panini used to use chunks of chicken breast - now they use some sort of processed chicken. Still ok, but not as good. There are also consistency issues - sometimes the pasta salad really has a good dijon bite, other times it's bland (or w/o basil). The oil they put on the panini is sometimes too much - literally dripping out.

                Besides that though, I do go every few weeks. The service has always been friendly and I love their pastries.

                1. re: azhotdish

                  What's your opinion of the quiche? I had one yesterday, and I guess it was just alright. Pleasing for a reheated quiche i suppose, but i was let down since i expected something as good as the pastries.

                  I know its too late, but, as for the original question Bertha's at 40th/thomas is very good. For a great deal on a good fresh sandwich check out sprouts. 2.99. there's also miracle mile down 20th a wee bit. in the same shopping center as the fudruckers and NYPD. good pastrami.

                  1. re: amkirkland

                    Yes, Sprouts, thanks for the reminder. They do have good chicken salad and for cheap!

                    I'll have to check out Bertha's - very close to my house.

                    I do Miracle Mile occasionally, and the Straw is excellent. Their BBQ isn't bad oddly enough, and good helping at that.

              2. Went to Au Petit Four for lunch today...

                It seems they have expanded their menu and revamped things a little - they now have an entrees section with items such as beef bourguignon ($9.80), chicken cordon bleu ($9.50), dover sole ($11.00) and lasagne bolognaise ($8.90). All are served with either rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables or gratin dauphinois.

                Not having known this prior to ordering, I went with my usual mozzarella panini which is great. I'd rival that bread to any I've had in PHX for a panini.

                Au Petit Four

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                1. re: azhotdish

                  I love the paninis at Le Grande Orange. I had to have one every Sunday afternoon while pregnant with beastie #1. It was a requirement or I would die...seriously. :)

                  1. re: mamamia

                    Another option in the Biltmore are is the Low Down Cafe at 24th and Campbell -- NE corner. I lunched there once -- tiny, very few tables, independently owned and operated, nice people. Coffee/tea drinks, sandwiches, funky place, salads I'm sure. Not my kind of place mainly because the sandwich options seemed weighted to the (fill in the blank) salad sandwiches -- chicken salad, tuna salad, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not me. I don't dig mayo, athough I make exceptions for a really good aioli, or one heavy on pesto or chipotle or something that that and very light on the mayo component.

                    1. re: misohungrychewlow


                      If I might...

                      Lowdown moved to 24th Street and Osborn (southeast corner). They moved out from 24th and Campbell location when that strip mall underwent construction.

                      1. re: Seth Chadwick

                        Egads, Seth! Of course! My dry cleaner closed late last year for the same reason, so I stopped driving by for a while. Being a loyal customer, I should still drive by frequently to monitor when/if they re-open. Hopefully sooner than later. Thanks for dropping in with the update. I hope Lowdown weathers the storm and the relocation.

                        1. re: misohungrychewlow


                          It is on my way to and from work and to be honest, they seem to be doing more business in their new spot. I have to say, though, that I am not surprised. 24th Street and Osborn has a good number of selections: Lowdown, Ham's, Linda's on Osborn, Asi Es La Vida up the street and so on. It certainly will see more faces looking for food in that area.

                          With the exception of Lowdown, there was nothing at 24th and Campbell that would draw a lunch crowd.

                          Oh, and Lowdown now has outdoor seating at their new spot. :o)

                          1. re: Seth Chadwick

                            So many places to go for a great sandwich! My favorite right now is probably the PLT sandwich (proscuitto, organic tomatoes, arugula with artichoke aioli on focaccia) at the City Bakery at the Bentley Projects at 215 E. Grant. Plus you get to enjoy the art gallery and browse at the Poison Pen!