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Mar 20, 2007 09:26 AM

Mangos on Las Olas - why are they always crowded

We went there this past Sunday night (the friends we were with wanted to go - not my choice). What is the deal? Why is this place always crowded? My husband had a seafood casserole that was so bad, he had to leave over the scallops. I had the chicken pot pie - it was okay, but.... Why do people like this restaurant - it was kind of seedy inside & I felt ill for a couple of hours after leaving! But it is always crowded. I have felt this way before, but thought I would give it another try. Same feeling.

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  1. The same reason why Chili's is crowded most of the time. The majority of the population doesn't know good food.

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      Next time on Las Olas go to Noodles & Panini's...Live Large with Aunt Marion's Meatballs.

    2. It's a pickup bar for middle-aged singles into boats.. Check out the scene on the dance floor when the band lurches into "(Play That Funky Music) White Boy".

      Also, after about 11 at night, it's one of the only things open besides O'Hara's and Cathode Ray, which serve roughly the same purpose for different constituencies.

      1. Because it has frozen drinks and outdoor seating. Why do people go to Ft. Lauderdale, for that matter?

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          They serve food? Just kidding. It is a baby boomer and older pick up joint. I think most of the "dining" patrons just didn't leave from the night before. Try Indigo at the Riverside.