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Mar 20, 2007 09:06 AM

I need help in Calgary!

Hi, I've been lurking around this site for quite some time, but just finally decided I needed some major food intervention. What I wanted to ask was as a total foodie in training (with a pretty tiny food budget) what are some restaurants that I can eat at that will offer amazing food in Calgary and area? I'm tired of eating at the chain restaurants my friends choose I want to take them out and broaden everyone’s horizons.
Anyways after my long tale of food woe, any help you could offer up would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a laundry list of great spots...but what type of food are you looking for? Any particular ethnic cuisines? Continental? Wine spots? Etc. One thing to note is you can go to many of Calgary's hot spots and share appetizers with friends and NOT have to shell out for $$$$ entrees. The cost is easily the same as dinner in a chain spot. I am happy to help if you can offer info on what your tastes buds are craving! You can check my blog for more info.

    1. Aida's on 4th St SW for great Lebanese food.
      Atlas on 9th Ave SW for tasty Persian food.
      Bow Bul-go-gi on 37th St SW (or therabouts, it is by Westbrook Mall) for cheap and tasty Korean food
      Globefish on 14th St NW for tasty and innovative sushi
      Boca Loca on 15th Ave SW and 11th St SW for wonderful home-made Mexican food
      Some chain restaurants I don't mind are Open Sesame down south on MacLeod Trail, next to Smugglers, and Joey Tomatoes at Chinook Centre(better service than the Eau Claire location though the latter has a great patio in the summer).

      1. Jo- there are tons of good-value ethnic spots in town- is there anything that you're especially fond of?

        For non-ethnic great value, one of my fave spots is The Coup- vegetarian cuisine that anybody can love, with one caveat- we have not had good luck with their soups. Those aside, two can dine really well, with big portions and great flavours, for less than $30 for dinner. For TWO.

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          Yes, I second The Coup! In addition to what John already said, I will say that the restaurant has a very cool atmosphere. How many other restaurants have a DJ?

          And agreed about ethnic spots being considerably more budget-friendly. Without ethnic food here, I'm not sure I would be able to eat out with my friends that often (a matter of budget and taste agreement).

        2. Cilantro is always a good bet. Medium priced, but a few less expensive "outs" such as pizza.
          Mimo on 17th Ave SE. It's Portuguese.
          Santorini on Centre Street
          Puspa (up north)

          Budget is getting to be a concern this days... urgh.

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          1. re: bohunk

            In response to what kiond of foods I'm looking for ... ANYTHING!! My friends have just never really tried anything but the Moxies, Chillis and Earls. I however enjoy Indian, Korean and Mexican type cuisines. (and am always looking to expand my horizons as well!)So I'm very interested in trying these spots even if I have to dine alone. I suppose I could ask if there are any restaurants anyone could suggest that has a mix of different kind sof cuisines ... in any case I am very much so looking forward to trying out these suggestions.
            Thank you again and keep 'em comming!!

            1. re: bohunk

              Cilantro does have great food but I'd have to say the prices are a bit on the high side of medium. If you don't mind spending a little more, definitely try to bison.

            2. There are loads of places to try, check my blog as the one above, you should also try a couple websites:


              Those two sites are my fall back, for reviews I tend to check FFWD and take a look at the Calgary Sun too ( I know I know it's not a great NEWS paper) they review lots of things so it can help you out if you're not sure where to go!

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                Koi! I forgot Koi! Resonable, and they have DJs some nights too!

                1. re: bohunk

                  Koi is KOOL. Damn good coffee too!