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Mar 20, 2007 08:42 AM

Quiet Bar in Downtown Core

Looking for a nice, hip and quiet bar (so that two people can talk and hear each other) somewhere in the Downtown core (financial district is preferable) for a Wednesday night?

Food doesn't have to be spectacular, but interesting bar food would be nice.

Also, preferably not too formal, but not overly casual either.


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  1. Adesso in Royal Plaza, right by Union Station is quiet, and serves good snack-munchie mixes, but I wouldn't say it's hip.

    I've never eaten off the menu there, just had the snack mix (sesame sticks, peanuts, and some other stuff).

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    1. re: Olivia

      I had drinks at Canoe not long ago and was reminded that their bar is fantastic. Martinis are surprisingly reasonable in price, and while we weren't hungry, I'm sure they have some interesting options for snacking. Canoe has a reputation for being "formal," but sipping sidedars and watching the night sky, it really wasn't uptight at all. I'd definitely recommend.

      My other downtown favourite is the Library Bar at the Royal York - but it's charms are old-world... definitely not hip. Monsoon does have a hip bar space and it's right on the edge of the financial district - but last time we were there it was totally empty (which always makes for a weird vibe).


      1. re: Olivia

        Be warned that your quiet coctail at Adesso may be ruined by the sound of jackhammers, as mine was a few nights ago. RBC plaza is undergoing some pretty serious renovations right now. Other than that, Adesso is so unhip it actually borders on hip if that makes any sense. Hope it stays that way. Can't stand the crowds at the Duke of Devon and Bymark after work.

      2. Vertical (First Canadian Place) has a beautiful bar. Great bar snacks. Rob Montgomery the "Bar Chef" has created an amazing array of cocktails that are innovative, and most of all fun. Atmosphere usually isn't too loud unlike some of the other Bay St. haunts.


        1. I think Pravda might qualify although a tad east of the core (Wellington and Victoria) and strictly martinis. Good cheap drinks during happy hour and bar munchies and little appetizer surprises from the kitchen. Has been relatively quiet when I've been there earlier in the evening.

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          1. re: Aardvark

            I was at Pravda last night from 8-9 pm and can definitely say that it is not quiet and is very loud.

          2. doku 15 and bymark are my two standbys when I want to be in stylish surroundings, have a drink, be comfortable and actually have a conversation -- except for Thurs/Fri when they are a bit more nuts.

            Pravda's fun too, too, and is quiet enough right after work -- gets a bit louder around 730/8. their snacks during happy hour are fun --sausage and rye, pickles etc.

            if there's no game on, the bar in the Keg on York St is comfortable for sitting -- better for beers and regular martinis than fancy drinks

            One of these days I will get to Amedeus though, I think that'd be fun

            1. Depending on the night and where you sit, Beer Bistro could be what you're looking for.