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Mar 20, 2007 08:03 AM

ISO Steamed Mussels

Any good restaurants in Texas for steamed mussels? Had some spectacular steamed mussels from a trip to Glasgow (Stravaigin) and can't stop thinking about them.

I'd prefer one in Dallas but I know being a landlocked city doesn't help my case here. I go down to Houston at least once every two months so a recommendation there would be good, too.


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  1. It has been a minute since I've been to either of these places but I always enjoyed the mussels and pommes frites at Watel's. Whe I worked in the area, I would order them at lunch - not sure if they are on the dinner menu. Also, and this might be heresy for some, but I've also always enjoyed them at Oceanaire.

    One place I did not care for them was at Toulouse (on Knox) but it was mainly due to their size. They were HUGE. I've never seen mussels so large in my life, although according to the waiter they were normal size for that specific type of mussel (whatever that was). They tasted okay but the size just detracted from my enjoyment - in fact after 3 or 4, I was over it.

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      Thanks for the recs. I checked out Watel's menu online and the mussels do not appear to be on there. That's unfortunate.

      What about places like The Old Monk? Has anyone tried them there? The Observer review raves about the mussels, but I'm not sure how trusty those reviews are.

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        I've had them, and thought they were pretty tasty. Not quite as delicious as the mussels at Green Room were... but still good.

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          A place to check out in Houston would be Cafe Montrose ( a nice belgian restaurant). They serve steamed mussels like 12 different ways.

    2. Sapristi's in Fort Worth, 2418 Forest Park Blvd., FW 76110. They are closed on Mondays. Mussels are their specialty and they offer them steamed 6 different ways. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Worth. Everything on their menu is excellent.

      1. I have had tasty mussels at Idle Rich Pub on McKinney. Good pommes frites too.

        It's been awhile but I recall Fishmongers in Plano had decent mussels served in a big steamy pot.

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          The Idle gets their mussels from Prince Edward Island; which makes me wonder...why don't they get oysters too? And yes, INOVII is correct, they are very, very tasty.