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Mar 20, 2007 07:50 AM

Best Sushi up North?

Am staying on Lake Cook Road. Is there exceptional sushi nearby?

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  1. I would not say exceptional (to be honest I do not believe exceptional sushi exists in Chicago), but there is a Kamehachi in Northbrook on Shermer Road that is pretty good. Also, Sushi Kushi Toyo is good...their original is in Lake Forest, but they recently opened in Highland Park on Central Ave which, depending on what part of Lake Cook Road you are on, would only be a 10 minute drive.

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      I would second Kamehachi on Shermer Road - IMO it is one of the best Sushi restaurants in the Chicago area - I have never had a bad meal there -

    2. Kamehachi is a good choice.

      My favorite place that serves sushi in the area is the RT Lounge, which is located upstairs from Tramonto's Steak and Seafood in the new Westin in Wheeling. Their menu isn't huge, but their ingredients are exceptionally fresh, the rolls are reasonably priced and their sushi chefs will gladly mix and match ingredients to your liking. If you go in, make sure to ask if they have anything special that they recommend since they tend to get in different ingredients that aren't on their sushi cards, such as Toro and the like.

      ...after writing all that, I think I want sushi too! :-)

      1. I have been less than impressed with Kamehachi lately. I was a big fan for a long time, but I am done with them. THe last time I was there, I ordered the Toro, and I had to spit it out because it tasted like bleach (Sad I know). I think Sushi Kushi is the best Nother burb place. Also, you may want to try Wakaba (Spelling???) which is on Milwaukee ave, and is not bad. At least the fish is always fresh.

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          That's disappointing to hear. I really used to like the Chicago Crazy Roll at Kamehachi. I don't remember every really being blown away by their food, though I did like that roll and their Salmon Teriyaki was pretty good as well. It was always pretty solid and enjoyable though.

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            Sorry to hear that - I was there judt two weeks aho and it was still as good as ever - maybe you hit an off night

          2. The RT is also good in Tramonto's. It is new, so I did not think of that. Very good

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              This one's my favorite. I just can't match the quality of the fish they provide compared to many other places. Unfortunately, it's becoming very popular and getting be very crowded and quite noisy at times. That sort of ruins a bit of the experience. Then again, I still managed to spend half my night in the RT Lounge on Saturday night enjoying some excellent sushi and a full dinner from the restaurant below. Service, despite being swamped, was absolutely perfect and truly excellent.