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Mar 20, 2007 07:09 AM

Easter Brunch in/near South Bend, IN - willing to drive

Any recs? Preference for nice atmosphere, possibly near Lake Michigan or another lake. Quaint, buffet style. Looking for an alternative to SB standbys (TIppacanoe, etc.).

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  1. I went to the sunday brunch at Roscoe's in Laporte a few times with my family in my teens. Prime rib, light omelets... it was great. I know the name and ownership have changed though. Its right on the main lake in laporte, maybe a mile north of downtown.

    1. Not sure if New Buffalo, Michigan or just south of there would be too long of drive? Check into it as the restaurant scene is definitely a bit more ambitious in that neck of the woods.

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      1. re: napolean

        No, that area would be great. But I don't know of any restaurants out that way that have brunch - any ideas?

      2. I would think Tippecanoe Place has a great Easter Brunch. It's in South Bend in the old Studebaker Mansion. Good food...pricey, though.

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        1. re: adukehart

          Tippy Place is pricey and the food is simply not good. It's food is outdated because they cannot support a real restaurant. Sorry.