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Mar 20, 2007 07:09 AM

Matamoros Puebla on Bedford -- not so good?

Perhaps as an ex-Californian, I get a bit snooty about my tacos. But I've been to Matamoros several times now and find the tacos particularly bland -- the pollo, the el pastor and the carnitas and I get so sad and disappointed. However, I have scouted out a bodega similar to Matamoros in north Greenpoint on Manhattan called El Encanto Mexicano. They are almost everything I want in a taco -- juicy, flavorful and spicy. It's a hidden gem though, I have yet to really see anyone else in the shop.

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  1. The one reason to go to Matamoros is their sopes, made with fresh tortillas. Forget about tacos or anything else. But nothing comes close to thos glorious sopes.

    1. ok i'll bite... I like Matamoros-- also for their sopes-- but where specifically is El Encanto Mexicano? what cross street is it near?

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        It's on Manhattan, just north of Huron. An unlikely locale, I know.