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Mar 20, 2007 07:08 AM

Seabose Grocery for Tuesday Sushi Lunch?

Fellow Hounds,
There was a great string several weeks back about where to buy the best fresh fish in Dallas. A little place in Carrollton (Trinity and Marsh) called Seabose Grocery was repeatedly mentioned. I believe they get their fish every Tuesday and Friday. Has anyone actually had lunch at Seabose? Is there anywhere to sit and eat? Is it true you can get top quality Toro for $2 per? I'd like to drive out there for lunch today and give it a go. I'll post my findings tomorrow.

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  1. They do not have a place to sit. Their fresh fish is resonably priced, but you really have to take it home and slice it yourself.

    Their Sushi prices are just okay, you will still end up paying about the same as many of the less expensive Sushi places.

    If you want to sit for lunch I would say that Fujiyama on Frankford & Midway is a better deal (2 for 1 sushi lunch time).

    Seabose is a great deal if you are going to pick up your own fish and slice it. I have gone there and purchased fish on several occasions now.

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      Is the Fujiyama lunch deal just on weekdays?

      1. re: donnaaries

        Yes the Fujiyama lunch deal is just during the week.