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Mar 20, 2007 07:04 AM

viking range with griddle--how to clean it?

Does anyone have the viking with griddle? I was wondering how you clean it and is it hard to clean? It doesn't look like it comes off (maybe I'm incorrect) but I was wondering if things stick and how hard it is to get stuff off of it.

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  1. Restaurants have a thing called a 'grill brick' to clean flat top grills. You can find them all over the web, usually 12 to a case. We just use carbonated water (soda water) and a grill brick while the grill is still hot, and everything scrapes right off.

    1. My griddle is a lovely black from almost constant use. I rarely do a huge clean-up on it, preferring to use a bit of water on the still hot griddle and simply scrape off the accumulated crud. After almost five years, nothing, absolutely nothing sticks on ole faithful - much like a well-used and much-loved cast iron skillet. The local health dept. hasn't beaten down my door yet and until they do, I'll continue with my benign neglect. OK, I will admit to a very occasional spurt of cleanliness but try to resist these shortcomings by hiding the stone. Love the griddle and use it frequently.

      1. i have this same issue with my Viking Griddle. i have forward this question to them directly and attached your complaints/requests for assistance as well.

        i hope they can assist with this irritating issue.

        1. The griddle is NOT SS, it is a more like a "carbon steel skillet" and as such needs to have a seasoning on it or it will rust.

          Food can stick to it, especially if the seasoning is not uniform and/or the griddle is used infrequently, so I tell folks that are on the fence about how much they'll use it to consider how often they currently do the sort of cooking best suited to this surface.

          Viking sells a kit with some solvent type cleaner in it, for those how want to strip down their griddle an/or have maid get everything shiny, but then you have to reseason all over again --
 (last section of PDF is griddle care...)

          1. - 1- Mix 1tsp baking soda (arm & hammer pure sodium bicarbonate) with 8oz lukewarm water.
            - 2 - Pour a dash on the blackest part of the griddle while still warm (but not hot enough to burn you) and rub with a paper towel
            - 3 - Repeat step 2 until the griddle is clean or your solution is all used up