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Mar 20, 2007 06:57 AM

philly cheese steak near museum

Hi I am goin to se King Tut exhibit tomorrow. is there good or great cheesesteak in walking distance? Thanks

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  1. It would be a little walk up the Parkway, but you could get a good one at the Cherry Street Tavern at 22nd and Cherry (though they are famous for their roast beef.) Further up the Parkway is Mace's Crossing, another bar where I typically get Chicken cheesesteaks (I don't recall why, but that's the only place I ever eat them. I'm sure their traditional steaks are good.

    There are also a few pizza shops in the area, Pete's and Rex Style, both of whom make passable examples.

    It's not classic, but the Cheesesteak springrolls at the Four Seasons are killer, no matter what purists may think ...

    Also, don't neglect the various street vendors, many of whom make VERY good steaks even if you can't figure out where they go to the bathroom or wash their hands ...

    1. Thanks. maybe i should just drive to one on the way into town before parking at the museum. Oh well, this food priority does make the day more complicated. Maybe I will go to the Four Seasons after the Museum. Street vendors may be no less clean han some of their indoor conuterparts but I usually pass anyway.

      1. Unfortunately, the short answer to your question is no. Your best bet is to search the boards if you really want a good steak and see if you're willing to drive.