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Dinner in Bethesda

I am being taken out for dinner tonight in Bethesda. Any particular recommendations for places I should either go or avoid?

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  1. Yes, I was, but someone has offered to take me out in Bethesda tonight, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I do love Indian food, so thank you.

    1. I disagree with the pizza at Mia's and Passage to India.. both these places dissapointed me. But I can't speak on the other recs from Chocolate Chic pea

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        I too was VERY disappointed by passage to India!
        I keep thinking I'm the weird one, but I just didn't find the depth of flavor and spice as I have had at Indian restaurants elsewhere.
        It's a shame - it was a lovely and had excellent service.
        I might give it another go, though.

        1. Lots of choices in Bethesda, depending on what you're looking for, of course.
          -Jaleo (love the white gazpacho)
          -Mia's (casual, but really good pizza)
          -Green Papaya

          Haven't been to yet but have heard good things about
          -Rock Creek

          Personally, I would avoid
          -Mon Ami Gabi (overpriced, unhelpful etc)
          -Houstons (they're everywhere)
          -whatever the New Orleans place is on Cordell

          There are many more choices in between, but those are a few off the top of my head. Hope you have fun tonight wherever you go!

          1. I second Jaleo, Rock Creek and Cesco.

            Also good:
            David Craig (on St. Elmo)
            Tako Grill--fabulous sushi/japanese on Wisconsin
            Raku (on Woodmont) -- Asian food

            I've heard great things about Persimmon (on Wisconsin), but I've never been.

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              I'll second Persimmon...I've only been there once, and it was before going to a movie, but the food was excellent. For the life of me, I can't remember what I ordered but I do remember that it was definitely a gem of a place in Bethesda.

              I also REALLY liked Mia's...I know it doesn't get great reviews, but I thought the pizza was great, the service was fine - excellent beer selection too.

              1. re: bethanyll22

                I've been disappointed by Tako Grill on a number of occasions -- I'd stick with Sushi Taro in Dupont.

              2. To repeat some of the others, I frequent:
                Passage to India
                Rock Creek

                But I think the best cooking in Bethesda by a good margin right now is at David Craig.

                1. I would not go to Centro - I want to like this upscale italian restaurant, but I am always disappointed. High prices with less than memorable food. Raku is our hands-down favorite, but it is getting harder and harder to get into.

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                  1. re: cecere

                    yeah I agree about Centro. I use to love their chicken and then one day it just got really bad. Raku is definitley my favorite

                    1. re: snappleyum

                      Can't believe I forgot Raku! Great restaurant!

                    2. re: cecere

                      I was at Centro last weekend, and really had a good time. My food was good-to-great, but not outstanding, but the service was really fantastic (our server's name was Michael), and the recommended wine was great (but expensive). The mussels appetizer was really unbelievably good, as was the chocolate and banana crepe dessert. The stratacelli (filet mignon with greens) was good, the chocolate gelato is great, the steak tartare appetizer is alright. The stuffed pork chop was decent. I wasn't disappointed, in short, and would go back as long as someone else was paying (as was the case last weekend!), but it sounds like there are other places in Bethesda that are better-liked and better priced.

                    3. I'm a little late to the discussion but you guys left out Addie's in North Bethesda, right on the Pike.

                      : )

                      Persimmon is nice. Jaleo is good. Second the opinion on Mon Ami Gabi (that is, thumbs down on the service and the feeling it's overpriced.)

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                      1. re: paxamicus

                        Persimmon would be my top choice. I suppose Jaleo would be number 2, but by a bit of a distance.

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                          Nobody has mentioned Faryab - good simple Afghan food and very reasonable prices. We like Cesco on a warm evening, during the week - sit outside. I have found Cesco is much better when it is less busy. Last time I was at Addie's, I thought it was mediocre (at best). I wonder whether the Blacks are putting more of their effort into the newer places (Garrett Park, Black Salt, and the new Black's in Bethesda).

                          1. re: kodiakbear

                            I second Faryab. I've enjoyed everything I've had there. I also have found the place cozy and welcoming.

                          2. re: whiner

                            I liked Persimmon, but I find Jaleo to be unexeptional. It's fine, the dishes are good, but I've had better tapas, though unfortunately, I had them in Boston, not here.

                            1. re: kallisti

                              Yeah, I agree with you, when I lived in the area Persimmon was the only Bethesda restaurant I would really make a point of going to. (Well, the rediculously inauthentic Mei Wah did have good spicy shredded beef...) As I said, I liked Jaleo, the problem with it is that it does not compare favorably to tapas you can get in other cities. I mean, even Tia Pol in Chelsea, which has, literally, 1 table (but a big bar area) has better tapas. But, in the abstract, I think the food there was pretty good...

                              I wonder where the original poster wound up going?

                        2. Say, what about Logis? It's there, it's an old standby, but I still get a gustatory kick out of Le Vieux Logis. Diana's baked oysters had me in heaven last week.

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                            Hungrydog--I've always wondered about Le Vieux Logis--I live about two blocks from it and drive by it everyday, but I've never been. It looks a little kitschy. Is it traditional French?

                            1. re: bethanyll22

                              I think it's great. I have only been there once a few years ago and I live nearby. But it feels just like you are in Paris. Similar menu (although it has some Scandivaian things on the menu) as you would find in a regular Paris restaurant. Tables close together, etc., etc. a little pricey but it is worth it.