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Mar 20, 2007 06:39 AM

Lunch Penn Plaza Area?

My husband's business associate needs to plan a lunch with specific parameters around Penn Plaza.

a) Must remain around Penn Plaza - will not go to far out of the neighborhood.due to time constraints. Please do not suggest going further than a few blocks. Not gonna happen!
b) Moderately priced.
c) Business type atmosphere.
d) Nothing too "exotic"

I know this is relatively a wasteland for dining, so we're not expecting any miracles. Maybe just a decent suggestion.


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  1. on 9th ave. there's Uncle Jacks Steakhouse. Or maybe Market Cafe - the food is good, but not sure if it's "business" enough.

    Or Keens in the other direction.

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    1. re: harrison

      Yep, Keens was the only place which I thought would work for them.

    2. Nick & Stef's (Steakhouse) or Tupelo Grill. A good deli/diner is Stage Door.

      1. Laurie, Like the others, I would have said Keens; however, since it's on 36th, b/t 5th & 6th, I'm guessing your husband and his business associates will think that it's too far.

        Seven is on 7th, b/t 29th & 30th. I've never been, but Hounds who have say the New American cuisine is good. From the photo on their website's homepage, it looks as though it would be appropriate for a business lunch.