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Mar 20, 2007 06:36 AM

Dinner/Drinks for Girls night out in Indianapolis

I am helping to plan a "bachelorette weekend" for my friend in Indianapolis in June. I use the term loosely because we envision a pretty laid back affair that will be much less rowdy than the typical bachelorette, more of an all-female dinner party. We are planning on staying in a hotel downtown and renting a limo that could drive us to different places -- a pre-dinner cocktail, dinner, and maybe a third place for dessert. I would love to get recommendations on any of the places. Since we'll have the limo, I guess we don't need to stay downtown, but we probably don't want to drive too far. There will probably be about 6 of us. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I always love the Oceanaire, an upscale seafood restaurant right downtown. Outstanding seafood, with classically modern decor. And there are lots more places in the immediate vicinity for drinking, desserts, etc.

    For more recommendations of fine dining places in Indianapolis, see this topic:

    1. In June I think my choices might be the Biergarten at the Rathskeller for drinks (especially if you like beer), Elements for dinner and Scholars Inn for dessert.

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        I would definitely reccommend Massachusettes Avenue for a stroll and restaurant/bar hopping event. The Rasthskeller or McNivens would be a great place for a beer/drink before you have dinner at Elements and followed by dessert at R Bistro, which has a great vibe for an independent. Please save yourself the pain and DO NOT eat at Scholars Inn. Your dessert will not be housemade, more than likely, and you'll get a plate full of garnishes. Save the food for Elements and R Bistro. Both menus change daily or weekly and you'll get some of the best food in the city. Go to the bars for the drinks if you would like. Oceanaire is decent for the most part and probably your best bet for central downtown but you'll enjoy the adventure along Mass Avenue more. Especially R Bistro as it's off the beaten path a little bit. Great atmosphere!! Have a great time!

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          Do you know if Rasthskeller or McNivens that you suggested are non-smoking? Two or three of the girls will be pregnant on the night out (and obviously not drinking, but will be along for the ride). We just don't want to be exposed to a lot of smoke. Thanks!

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            Rathskeller and McNivens are both smoking bars but are large enough to accomodate non-smokers for the most part, I believe. Elements and R Bistro are both %100 non-smoking establishments.

      2. Depends on how upscale you're going for. Broad Ripple is always a fun place to go, especially for a bachelorette party. I personally love Brugge Braisserie, which is a Belgian gastropub type place. They've got some really interesting beers and tasty wines as well as some great crepes and mussels. It's also not too far from downtown. If you're looking to stay downtown Mass Ave has quite a few quaint and nice places to eat. I am personally a fan of Agio though I've heard bad and good reviews. The Chatterbox located there is a great little jazz club too. There are a lot of options on that street.

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          Please, just stay away from Agio and Scholars Inn. Just some friendly advice.

          1. re: napolean

            second the recommendation to avoid Agio.