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Mar 20, 2007 06:32 AM

Best Diner Off the NJ Turnpike

I would love recommendations for great diners off of the Turnpike. Something traditional "NJ diner-ish". Further off from Philadelphia if possible! Thanks!

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  1. I just had to go to Trenton and had another poster recommended a diner called Mastoris. It was great!! We all loved the food which ranged from chicken pot pie to french onion soup to a swiss cheese burger and a pot roast sandwich. Their prices were very good and the portions large and the quality of the food was very good. I would highly recommend going there.

    Here is a link to their website and a link to another site that has reviews about them and great pictures of their food.

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    1. re: nizza

      I agree completely! ,this is my favorite restaurant period,and if you are there during strawberry season don't miss the double trouble pie, and never ,never leave without a piece of their apple struddle!, i cant say enough good about this place,it is at it's best during slower hours...enjoy!

      1. re: jword2001

        Perhaps someone can think of the name, but there is a MASSIVE diner in NJ that was even featured on the Food Network.

        I can't speak to the food as to quality, since I usually like all diner food, but everyone should experience this diner at least once.

        1. re: dolores

          I'm pretty sure it was Mastoris,the place is massive,and the food,is exceptional,but best as i've said in another post during off hours

          1. re: jword2001

            That was Mastoris. The place is huge, and as three different rooms that each look like their own restaurant. Amazing Liver and Onions.

            1. re: winodj

              Yes, Mastoris. I just checked with someone, and he remembers it being in Bordentown. At any rate, it was lots of fun.

    2. There are more threads about diners near the Turnpike on the Mid-Atlantic board, such as this one:

      And yeah, Mastoris is in Bordentown. Nizza's wording makes it seem like it's in Trenton, although I imagine that's not what Nizza meant to say.