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Mar 20, 2007 06:20 AM

Near Seaport Hotel for 10

As the foodie of the group, I am in charge of planning 3 evenings out for our gang of women. Dinner and drinks would be nice. Looking for memorable meals with a good value/ price ratio (read quality, not quantity). We are able to taxi it to something within a reasonable distance.

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  1. As you will find on this board, the Seaport does not offer a lot of dining opportunties. The restaturant in your hotel is pretty good. If you want classic New England, but IMHO not stellar food, you are within walking distance of Anthony's Pier 4 (which is right next door to the new ICA). Meritage in the Boston Harbor Hotel is an excellent restaurant, but up scale and may not be what you are looking for, but is a short cab ride (or if it is a nice day, a nice walk along the waterfront).

    If you want to venture to other parts of the City, you can take the Silver Line (subway station outside your hotel) which will take you to other adventures. I would put a trip to the North End (subway to Haymarket and/or cab ride) on your scheduling. I love Pomadora's which is on Hanover Street, but is very small. Taranta (also on Hanover Street) is also very good.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    1. re: kate used to be 50

      I'll go further on dissing Anthony's Pier 4, which was utterly awful the one time I went several months ago. There were only two things good about it: the view and the popovers. Food was otherwise pricey and bad, and service was very unfriendly.

      Besides the North End places kate suggested, you could also try Neptune Oyster, Antico Forno, Giacomo's, Prezza, Maurizio's, or Saraceno's -- though a party of 10 could be a tight squeeze at the first three. Many North End places will offer half orders of pasta dishes if you want to watch pocketbooks and calories.

      Chinatown isn't too far away, either (Chinatown stop, Orange Line), and you could choose reasonably priced options there, though finding a spot with a bar could be tougher.

    2. I'd suggest Les Zygomates, which is a long walk or a short cab ride.

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      1. re: Chris VR

        I'd second les Zygomates, I think it will fit your bill perfectly. Eastern Standard would be another recommend.

        You're in easy cab distance to most of the city including the South End, downtown and Back Bay, so if you see something on this board that piques your interest, go for it, don't let distance stop you.

        Not exactly sure what your price point it, but No. 9 and Toro might be a lot of fun too.

      2. No one's mentioned the bar at Aura in your hotel which is kind of fun. Certainly for drinks and some munchies. The dining room is a sad space but not bad. Legal Test Kitchen gets not so great marks but it's right in the area. There's also Eastern Seafood, or something like that, for Chinese food. All of these are in walking distance. I would definitely make the trek to Meritage which has a great view, good food (my times there at least) and 3 different bars to choose from.

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        1. re: Joanie

          A new restaurant is supposedly opening soon near Legal Test Kitchen called Salvatore"s. Believe they have started the hiring process. Both are one block from the hotel.

          Agree about the bar at Seaport Hotel. It has nice views of the fishing fleet and you can order off the bar or restaurant menus. The dinig room is a sad spot because it was plunked down in the middle of building with no view but the lobby.

          1. re: Fort Point

            To clarify, when I said the restaurant at the Hotel, I was referring to the bar. Sorry for the miscommunication. I forgot about the actual restaurant being in the center of the lobby.

        2. You might want to try LTK (Legal Test Kitchen) which is just down the street from Seaport Hotel. This is a newer restaurant and I believe would work well for your larger group since it's always buzzing and it's an attractive space. There are many interesting items on the menus, and lots of appetizers, which would be nice to share. I wouldn't rate it as an excellent food experience, but overall good food, reasonable prices. And, for what you want I think it would be a good fit. Great bar too!

          1. For fresh fish: Dry Dock Cafe is open for dinner limited nights (Thurs.& Friday only?) and serves very fresh fish, and non-fish entrees. It's located in atrium/ lobby of North Coast Seafood (so you know the fish is fresh) near the Design Center. It's BYOB, making it a good value when you bring your own. Atmosphere: Large, v. plain, open space, but linens & fresh flowers on table, very clean, & the service is friendly and accomodating. Call ahead to see if they can welcome your group. 617-951-2999
            Here's an article from S.B. Online. And remember to be sure to check hours if you go.

            Lucky's Lounge @ 355 Congress St. Go for Sinatra Sunday Brunch. Great music, fun food, good drinks. A rat pack throwback, friendly mixed crowd, very cool. No sign outside, but cab will know where it is.

            Barking Crab: Sleeper St. across from Moakley Courthouse. Great atmosphere (funky, place seems to float on the harbor), not always thrilled with the food, but OK. Popular and fun. V. casual. Great T shirts.