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Mar 20, 2007 06:02 AM

Group of 40 near City Walk?

I have had a dinner dropped in my lap. I nead to find a place for 40 people on the 28th. Need some privacy, if available. The good news is that I have a budget and get to eat but the bad news is that I have less than a week to the dinner.... Any suggestions?

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  1. on this board that Ca del Sole is down due to a fire or you'd see recos for that.

    Try Barsac in No.Hollywood - nice enough and large private room.
    Il Tiramusu - good choice further out Ventura Bl., hear Woodman but in Sherman Oaks.
    Stanley's in Sherman Oaks Ventura Blvd.
    Cafe Bizou also in S.O. has enough space for a work event but with such short notice, it may be tough...
    Rive Gauche also (though not great food in my mind) but lots of patio and extra space, so if getting desparate...and the Universal Hilton as a back up. may the force be with you!

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      Thank you for listing so many options!

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        Heh, no problem. And RED ALERT- my mistake CA' DEL SOLE DID NOT HAVE A FIRE, it was Ca' Brea. So if you're still looking you might wish to call Ca' del Sole. Good food, nice facility with indoor/outdoor options and definitely should be a consideration.