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Mar 20, 2007 06:00 AM

Norcross(GA) dinner suggestions

I'll be in Norcross for a night and looking for nice, not incredibly expensive meal. No Chinese, Mexican or BBQ please but would be open to Sushi or Thai or just interesting and creative cuisine.

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  1. Not sure if this fits the bill but there is a Korean place at 5119 Jimmy Carter that was very good at last visit about a year ago. A cut above most in the area and quite pleasant with friendly service. Located 1 mile or so S of I-85 on Route 140 (in small center on W side of road).

    1. Tomas is great. It is out on Peachtree Pkwy. Grace 17:20 is in the Forum and it is very good. There are many Thai places in Norcross I just haven't tried any.
      Good luck!

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        I forgot about Norcross Station and Dominick's in Historic Norcross. Very very good.

      2. The neighborhood has changed so much, most is really .. Mexican, Chinese, barbecue or chains these days.The gang would invariably would eat at least one night at Pappadeaux -- a sort of New Orleans chain (unique to Atlanta?) . It's crowded, noisy, and usually has a wait but the food can be pretty good. I like their gumbo, I really like their Seafood Fondue -- an app with mushrooms and assorted crayfish and shrimp in a white wine and cheese sauce. I also invariably would eat at least one night at Mongolian (or maybe it's Mandarin/Manchurian?) Gardens almost next door to the Varsity (which is nowhere near as good as the one downtown by the way, and I'm not even sure the one downtown is all that good) right off Jimmy Carter and I-85. It IS a Chinese buffet, BUT there is a serious little Japanese girl who makes fresh sushi while you watch, both fish (usually only tuna, salmon and eel) with variations, as well as vegetable ones. Skip the rest, and go for the all you can eat sushi, maybe with a few green beans, some green salad along with it. It's $9 with tax and tea! They also have limited American beers. There is a also a sushi bar in the shopping center where the International Market is located, also on Jimmy Carter right off 85, but I never tried that one. I also loved a small charming (and usually empty) Thai restaurant on Indian Trail, going east. Strip mall right before Rt. 29 on left hand side. Not even sure if they're still there, Thai Thanee. Excellent green curry, very very good larb. With app or soup, main course, tax and tip, $20 or so.

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          Mi Pilon and Saigon Cafe are the two best reasonably prices in Norcross by a country mile.