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I grew up eating Spam as it was sometimes the only meat my family could afford. Mom used to slice it really thin and pan fry it (much like bologna). Dipped in ketchup, it was pretty palatable (back then at least). What are your favorite/creative ways to prepare it?

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  1. Spam favs have been discussed on several topics recently on this board. If you search for Spam, there's a thread for "kimchee" and korean food where this is discussed heavily. Koreans are no exception to the whole "asians love spam" generality! I grew up on spam fried rice w/kimchee and pan fried spam w/a side of rice and kimchee. I like my spam sliced really thin so it gets really crispy as it cooks.

    Spam has also been discussed a lot on the "white trash food" posting on this board as well. Spam=white trash food, hmmm, who would have thought it??? :)

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      I had a college room-mate who ate Spam sushi (hand rolls) - fried spam with a little soy sauce, rice rolled up in nori and it was really yummy.

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        These rolls were introduced to me by a Hawaiian friend. SOOOO good!

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        Actually, I did a spam search before I posted. I didn't find any specific spam main topics. I did see the KimChee and white trash posts, but didn't want to take the time to read all the responses to find specific spam references when I wanted direct responses to only the spam topic.

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          Yeah, I didn't see any direct topics and unfortunately those posts are pretty long. They do give an idea as to how people like their spam,which is quite varied.

      3. My son and his friends rave about my breakfast sandwiches. I slice up some spam, pan fry it, take an egg pan fry it and break the yoke, sourdough bread lightly toasted put on some mayo slice tomato and put on a slice of american cheese. One night my son and I were looking for somethiing to eat, we had a plain cheese pizza and thin sliced up some spam, put on top, baked it and it was very tasty. Mind you we dont eat these very often.

        1. I like to cut spam in cubes and put it in my soups.

          1. Just about everything I do with Spam starts with frying it. Then it's either Spam musubi (contrary to Hawai'ian tradition, I use sushi rice, not plain rice), or Spam sandwiches, or (one of my favorite comfort meals) Spam, creamed corn, and rice...sometimes with a sunny-side up fried egg on the rice.

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              what's spam musubi? Sounds intriguing . . .

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                musubi = traditional triangular (has to do with how it is formed using two hands) rice ball, usually with a nori wrap, delicious with ume (salted "plum") inside. Japanese (not just Hawaiians) use hot un-vinagared (sushi) rice. Spam musubi would have a cube of Spam in the middle.

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                  Spam musubi ... first thing I get at a 7-Eleven when I'm in Hawai'i

                  Picture below.

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                    Our musubi is always triangular, but spam musubi is rectangular! I even have a rectangular acrylic mold for spam musubi. It created a perfectly sized bed of rice for a fried spam slice.

                    It never occurred to me before, but my mom made some musubi (spam and also with soft ume) when my bf and I were visiting and about to go on a hike. It made the perfect snack to enjoy after getting to the peak of our climb.

                    We don't really do too much with spam besides fry it up and eat with eggs in the morning. Sometimes I'll fry it in teriyaki sauce. It goes camping pretty easily, too!

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                  ricepad, I know you know this, but if you use sushi (su = vinagared, shi = "rice" from "meshi") rice, what you end up with is a Spam sushi.

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                    Yeah...I just call it musubi on account o' the Spam part...I know it's linguistically lazy, but it seems to create less heartburn than I'd get from the sushi purists! I mean, Spam ain't exactly from the old country, ya know? ;-)

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                      Sushi purists?! Ha! Nigiri is a modern invention from Tokyo. "Nigiri" means instant. When I grew up we only made and ate futo maki, inari sushi (in aburage), and musubi (aka onigiri). We ate/eat sashimi with hot gohan. "Spam sushi" is fine by me.

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                        WRT childhood sushi, we share that experience (could be a regional thing as well as a generational thing)...futo/inari/chirashi pretty much described the spectrum (altho we called the last one 'barasushi'). Obaachan made onigiri for picnics. I didn't really have much nigirizushi until I started working in restaurants.

                3. I love it! Ditto TREET or even store brand "luncheon meat".

                  A terrific sandwich is as follows:

                  Place slices of fried or grilled Spam atop a slice of white bread coated with mayo. Top the Spam with a layer of cottage cheese. Sprinkle liberally with black pepper and another slice of mayo coated bread.

                  I have friends who are avowed Spam haters who love this sandwich.

                  1. Used to make a lunch sandwich when I used to work out in the field. Sourdough bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, thick slice of extra sharp tillamok, and couple of unfried slices of spam, by the time lunch came around all the flavors blended together and it was great, sometimes I would eat 2 of them.

                    1. I love spam. My mom used to bake it with a yellow mustard and brown sugar glaze and pineapple slices, it was great. She baked it like a small ham, it fed her and four kids with mashed potatoes. Now I cook it all kinds of ways, one is to julianne the spam then fry the spam and using Ramen noodle soup with frozen mixed vegetables nice quick lunch or supper. I ate it as a kid because it was cheap, now I eat it because I like it. It's not so cheap any more.

                      1. My favorite is spam salad - put the can of spam in your food processor and soften, scrape into a bowl and add mayo and a big tablespoon of sweet pickle relish. Serve on toasted English muffins.

                        You might also look for the novel "Play it Again, Spam." Mystery novel, protagonist is a Mennonite who runs an exclusive B&BA in Pennsylvania and is a great cook - several interesting recipes, including one for Spam Jambalaya.

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                          "Spambalaya"?? Oh, I gotta try that!

                        2. Our family got the Spam habit on Guam back in the forties, not long after the war. Guam still has perhaps the highest consumption of Spam per capita of anyplace in the world. Mom's usual way was to slice and fry it with cloves and a bit of brown sugar. Later, in California in the fifties, she would often serve that with macaroni and cheese. I want to cook it in our monastery, but the mention of it raises hackles with some of the brethren. Still, I may sneak it into fried rice one of these days.