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Mar 20, 2007 05:02 AM

Wholefoods does it again

I have given Wholefoods a second chance after buying a stale moldy peach pie. I was serving the pie to dinner guests but upon closer examination, we saw molds on the pie. It was a good thing I had ice cream to serve. When I returned it the next day, the manager was rude. She just dumped the pie in the garbage can and gave me a credit coupon grudgingly. Shouldn't she have kept that pie to find out what was wrong?

I did not learn my lesson, of course. Last Friday, I bought 3 pieces of skate to cook that night. I spent a lot of time prepping and cooking that skate. When I served it and took a bite, the skate tasted of ammonia. We broke every piece to smell it, and indeed every piece smelled and tasted of ammonia.

That's it -- no more Wholefoods for me. When one pays astronomical prices for supposedly fresh food, one expects a lot. I have been telling this story to as many people as I can. Surprisingly, I have been hearing similar stories.

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  1. Where are you (and this WF) located?

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        whole foods fish department is like any other supermarkets fish department, it sells last weeks fish. living in manhasset you have no excuse not to buy your fish from marine fisheries in great neck, which, as i have posted here before, is by far and away the best fish market in nassau county.

    1. Did you take a close look at the skate before you purchased it? I ask the fish guy at WF for a plastic glove, and I take a close look before buying (ensuring firm flesh, smelling for any off smells, and the like). The folks at my WF (the Former Wellspring Grocery on Wade Ave. in Raleigh NC) are really accomodating about that; they actually appreciate that I care enough to look myself. They've also offered alternatives when they're out of something I'm looking for, and describe what I was planning to prepare.

      I'm sorry you've had such negative WF experiences. Maybe I'm just lucky where I am...I think my WF still maintains a lot of it's personality of Wellspring, where they were very user-friendly.

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        do they still have javanese tofu? oh how i miss it!

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          <I think my WF still maintains a lot of it's personality of Wellspring, where they were very user-friendly.>

          I'm surprised to hear you say that, OrganicGal. I miss Wellspring terribly and have stopped using WF in the Triangle just because the staff no longer seems willing to go the extra inch, let alone the extra mile. That, and the fact that the prices have skyrocketed.

          At home we generally refer to WF as "that Texas chain" usually with a muttered aside about how anything a Texan touches manages to get screwed up (that's a political comment, not a personal attack on any individual poster).

          1. re: rockycat

            I never buy anything fresh from WH - the produce and dairy are overpriced, and I don't eat meat anyways. Their strong point is really the grocery products and prepared foods.

            The only exception is the bakery, which is pretty good and on par with other NYC bakeries re: price.

            1. re: rockycat

              Completely agreed that WF has caused prices to skyrocket! As far as service, maybe I have more luck because I work in the organic industry, and am not above asking folks in the produce section, when something is advertised as "local" Oh, is this from Farm XX? or Farm YY? I'm really surprised he has this product available this soon because it was still in the green house when I inspected them....
              I also do a lot of "oh, c'mon, you know I only ask because I care...ppppllllleeeze can I smell the sockeye????" accompanied by a big smile, and then asking lots of questions that are tantamount to ego stroking. You know...gee, I've always wanted to try, but don't know what to do with...look awed by their knowledge. You'd be surprised how much more service you get when you do that, and they'll never know you're laughing inside the whole time and will do your own thing when you get home!

            2. re: OrganicGal

              I'm surprised at the Raleigh WF also. I stay away from the one in Durham - too crowded, too expensive, and nothing like the Former Wellspring Grocery used to be. Too bad.

            3. Are you hearing similar stories regarding this same Whole Foods? I regularly shop at 3 of them (2 in Providence, RI and one just over the MA line) and everything is always crazy-fresh. I've never had this problem.

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                JaneRI, where is the Whole Foods just over the Mass line? I shop at the two in Providence and also the one by the Framingham Trader Joe'... if there is another close by I'd love to know about it.

              2. "Shouldn't she have kept that pie to find out what was wrong?"

                I'm not sure I understand this......there was no cause for her to be rude......but kept the pie to find out what was wrong? How does one figure out what is wrong w/something stale & moldly, beyond assuming it's old?

                1. That's really unfortunate that you have had such a negative experience at Whole Foods. I absolutely LOVE their fish department! Everything that I have ever gotten there has been super fresh and of the best quality. My diet consists mostly of fish, so if it were bad, I would know! On that note though, I will admit that WF does not have the best bakery department! While I have never gotten anything moldy, I do find most of their baked goods to just be average. They always taste dry and like they have been sitting around for a couple of days. I usually love apple pie, but the one at WF just doesn't cut it!
                  Maybe its just the WF that you go to thats really bad, because I live in northern NJ and have never had that problem at any of the locations!