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Mar 20, 2007 03:48 AM

If one were to setup a Chocolate Crawl in NYC

...where would be the best places to go?

(I noticed that there *is* a chocolate walking map of NYC available on the web, but it appears to be a little Godiva heavy..)

The places I can think of off-hand are:

La Maison du Chocolat
Kees Chocolates
Jacques Torres

Also - having never been to the "high priced" places - do they sell at all per piece? I know that Kees does, but what about the others? (I'm hardly in a position to pop for a full box o' the good stuff, but would love to get a nibble or two to try them...!)

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  1. Funny you should ask, as I was in NY recently and my son and I did a "chocolate crawl"...We went to, in order actually...Jacque Torres ( shared a cup of their hot chocolate with chili, and each got two chocolates)...then on to Kee's.. then to Mirabelle's ( bought 2 chocolates and bought a chocolate bar with crushed shortbread cookies to take back home)...they gave us a complimentary very small sample of their hot chocolate...then we finished at Vosges...For eye candy, pardon the pun...Jacque's was the most fun...For the actual chocolates...our favorite was the "passion fruit" one at Mirabelle's..also they had the best hot chocolate....avoid the "wasabi" chocolate at try the basalmic one at Kee's....The chocolate chunk cookie at Jacques looked killer though did not try...These are all within easy walking distance from each other...Yes, they do sell individual chocolates, and they were quite expensive...Yes, a full box would absolutely set you back...We really enjoyed our little chocolate jaunt....

    1. I've been to the 4 places on your list, all sell by the piece.

      To add to the list: I also really like the $ chocolate (maybe it has "devil" or hell" in the name? anyway it is shaped like a dollar sign) at Neuhaus, really friendly staff too, though I haven't loved anything else I've had there. I like Mirabelle's hot chocolate (though not their chocolates).

      1. We just went on an organized chocolate walking tour in midtown/upper east. Here's the review with a list of shops included in the tour:

        (I know the same company also offers a downtown version of the tour, but don't know the specifics)

          1. if cookies fit into what you are looking for, Levain Bakery (UWS) chocolate chocolate chunk are not to be missed in an all-out decadent fervor of chocolatey goodness.

            In terms of hot chocolate Jacque's Wicket hot chocolate is great, I've heard La Maison has good stuff as well, then there's City Bakery for the all-out almost fudgy stuff, and don't skip the homemade marshmallow.