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Mar 20, 2007 02:33 AM


I am here in the Central Valley of California and happened upon a wonderful fruit stand. I picked up a couple of packages of pepitas. I know I have had these in a dish of some sort that I was served in a restaurant but I don't remember how they were used. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to enjoy these?

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  1. They're great just toasted and salted as a snack. I also like to use them toasted to thicken up mex-style soups/sauces.

    To liven up a salad this past weekend, I put them in a pan with a good pinch of salt and 2 pinches of sugar, medium heat. The sugar carmelized and sealed the salt in. I then used it on a salad with apple and blue cheese.

    1. They are a staple of some regional Mexican cooking. Do a search for pipian recipes - they are a pumpkin seed based sauce that are generally easier to put together than some of the mole dishes some people thinking about. They also make a great dip, for instance, pureed toasted pumkin seed, fire roasted tomatoes, habenero chili cilantro, etc. Or with tomatillos in the dip - all sorts of variations. I also put them in my tacos. They go well wtih sweet potatoes - I love those things.

      1. You can use them in a Southwest style pesto with cilantro, parsley, serranos, and oil (not olive oil).

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          I was just about to suggest this! Although I DO use olive oil. It's delicious as a condiment on sandwiches. Don't forget the garlic!

          I also like toasted pumpkin seeds tossed in a chopped salad with a little cotija cheese. So good!

        2. I like to mix them into cornbread, with some cheddar and chilis. It gives the cornbread a nice crunch.

          1. give this recipe a try if you like salsa I found it very good, really liked the taste that the seeds gave the salsa