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Mar 20, 2007 01:59 AM

Good Asian Markets in/near Sterling?

Any suggestions for a good place to buy stuff like Dark Sesame Oil, good Ramen noodles, etc?


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  1. I would recommend Grandmart across from Koons Sterling Ford. This article in the Washington Post provides a good summary about them:

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    1. re: buffetking

      Thanks for the info. Is this in the same shopping center with Popeye's?

      1. re: wprjrnova

        I do not believe so. You may be thinking of a much smaller Asian grocery a block or two to the East. The Grandmart is on Route 7 just a few blocks West of the Fairfax County Parkway intersection. There is an IHOP and an Eckard drug in the same shopping center. It's across from not only the Ford dealership, but also a Burlington Coat Factory and a shoppers food warehouse.

        Grandmart is a full size grocery store with an extensive selection and some real bargains in both the produce and meat departments.