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Mar 20, 2007 12:11 AM

perfect garlic bread

how to make a good garlic bread, I put butter, garlic power , onion power, cheese,
but the top never crispy, and it never taste like the one at chilis

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  1. Try slightly toasting slices of Italian bread under the broiler just enough so that the surfaces of the slices are firm. Remove from the oven and allow to cool so that slices can be handled. Cut large cloves of fresh garlic in half so that the cloves can be held between your thumb and forefinger. Rub the bread slices with the raw garlic. Then brush with olive oil. Put the slices under the broiler to finish toasting the bread.

    I don't know about the cheese, but if that's what you want finely grate fresh Reggio Parmigiano or Pecorino Romano on top of the slices while they are still hot.

    Forget the garlic and onion powders!

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    1. re: ChiliDude

      Yes - this is what we do. The best flavor.

    2. If you want it crispy and rich- let some butter come to room temp. Add crushed garlice, grated parmigiano and some olive oil. Spread on bread, and into the oven. Cook at 375 until crispy and bubbly

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      1. I wouldn't call the Chili's garlic bread a good benchmark, sad to say. What I do is I toast a bunch of unpeeled garlic (about 10 cloves) over medium heat in a small skillet, shaking when I think about it, until the papery skins get nice and dark and the garlic gets soft. I let it cool, then run it through a garlic press. I then mix the garlic with 6-8 tablespoons of butter, and then add whatever herbs you feel like throwing in... some parsley is good, maybe a little basil too. I'll add a chopped up chipotle pepper most of the time (or chipotle powder if I don't have any real chipotles around), and often some shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Then, I take my loaf of bread, a nice rustic Italian loaf, and slice it horizontally lengthwise down the middle like I'm going to make a HUGE sandwich. I spread half of the butter mixture on each half, then put it in a 500 degree oven for about 5-8 minutes, until the edges are starting to turn dark. Then, I take it out of the oven, slice each half into individual slices, and enjoy. It's way better than Chili's every time. And definitely play with the recipe- this is one you can easily make your own house special.

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          Absolutelyl correct- anything goes, and you can make it to your own taste. I cannot comment on whether these recipes are better than chili's ( never been ther)- but we make it at home all of time with our unfinished loaves of french or italian bread. Everbody loves it

        2. Try keeping a prep'd batch of butter or olive oil containing fresh roasted garlic, fresh oregano, thyme, rosemary, crushed black pepper in your refrigerator.

          Buy crusty breads & experiment too.

          Having the "spread" on hand makes the task so easy. A toaster oven set on bake is ideal for attaining a good top crust.

          1. I agree with everyone who suggested the butter/garlic etc paste.

            However, I do suggest that if you sprinkle the top with Parmigiano or Romano that you make sure you use a block of cheese and grate it yourself. You won't get that same crispy, cheesy texture if you attempt to use something like the evil green jar of Kraft, or any other grated cheese you will buy at the store. It really will make a difference in your garlic bread.

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              Thats true. Didn't think to post that, as I can not imagine using pre grated cheese. fresh is always better- and let's not even get into the kraft !!!:}

              1. re: macca

                I'm think Kraft is made out of sawdust. At least it tastes like and has the same texture.