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Mar 19, 2007 10:28 PM

recommendations for beverly hills, west hollywood, santa monica

i badly need some restaurant recommendations for these areas, my favorites were locanda veneta, matsuhisa, ivy, the farm, il cielo and mimosa. i haven't been to la for six years now and my boyfriend has never been there. am really looking forward to some new places to try. thanks in advance.

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  1. Well, the ones you listed are still up and running.

    Here are a few new ones in to start this post off with:
    Little Door Next Door
    Literati II

    There are definitely a lot more, and many have been open for <6 years, so are not necessarily 'new', so it's a bit harder for me to think of them.

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    1. re: chica

      Add Melisse, Doug Arango's, and Jar to the list above, although I despise Mozza.

      1. re: globlamega

        Eh, I was underwhelmed by Doug Arango's.

        Maybe add Toast for breakfast/brunch - good food and happenin' scene, if you don't mind a bit of a wait. Also The Griddle on Sunset/Fairfax.

    2. To me, an Inportant question is "where have you been dining the past 6 years?"

      Example - If you been in NYC, then forget about going to Melisse, Mozza. or really any Italian or French. Why waste your precious time in L.A. on what you've got bigger, better, & more of back home? On the other hand, if you've been stranded in Vladivostok, Siberia (or Duluth, Minn.), than they're back on the to-go list.

      L.A. Restaurants worth going to no matter where you've been for 6 years:
      Mako - French/Asian Fusion - Beverly Hills

      Spago - Wolfgang Cuisine - Beverly Hills
      Tasting Menu or At least step inside for a drink at the bar....

      Chez Jays - American - Santa Monica
      Funky Beach "Dive" Bar/Restaurant - Only for the "Sand Dabs" (*). An atmospheric excurision through the way-back machine to the California beach culture of the 60's. And sometimes we need that, because ~ If you can remember the 60's, then you didn't live it!

      Michelia - French/Vietnamese - West Hollywood

      Babita - Gourmet Mexican - San Gabriel
      Not in your requested area, but worth the drive!
      (626) 288-7265

      (*) Available on the west coast, so if you've been hanging out in Frisco, then you can get this back home. OTOH, Sand Dabs are unobtainable in Chicago, NYC, ect. Are they the best eating fish in world? No way. They'll can't compete with Dover Sole, Halibut, ect.: but unique enough to L.A.'s side of the northern Pacific to seek out and have at least once (or once or twice a year).

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      1. re: JBC

        Melisse is good whether you're in NY or LA. I'm from NY and have consistently eaten at the best (i.e. Picholine). I do agree with you about Mako. I went there last week for the first time in two years and rediscovered how great it is. I'm going to write a big rave about on here this week.

        1. My husband and I ate at AOC while visiting LA last year. It was a truly memorable meal. I highly recommend the black cod with pancetta and grapes and the brioche with gruyere and egg.

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          1. re: adewaal

            Do you have any specfics? Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast? Likes, dislikes?

            A few of the best places in town for dinner are:

            Providence-pricy, but worth it, try tasting menu
            Opus-much less expensive and better the Providence, great tasting menus
            Jar-wonderful meat dishes, try the pot roast or any shank

            Skip Hatfields and Mozza both are overrated and Taste is only OK.

            Really, LisaStick, we need to talk, Toast and the Griddle?? Do you LIKE food? These places are like waiting in line at a night club for a plate of eggs. Over priced, insuferable crowds, for mediocre food!

            The little door next door is an very sweet, european wine, cheees, pastery place, great for breakfast, lunch or late afternoon snack.

            BLD is excellent, for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

            Milk is fantastic for dessert. Best ice cream in the world.

            Let us know what your taste is and how long you will be here and if you are driving and we can be more specific.

            1. re: pkpk

              thanks so much guys. i live in hong kong now and travel to europe quite often. i guess i'm looking for something uniquely californian which i can't find anywhere in hong kong. al fresco preferred. little door next door sounds great. is it a sister restaurant of little door? i remembered i loved little door in terms of ambience and it was a very sweet and cosy place. is mimosa still any good? i also liked a french bistro kind of place which was near the sunset room but i completely forgot the name. i would also love some real mexican mole...haven't had that for a long long time.

              1. re: rubyyao

                Yes, Little Door Next Door is a sister off-shoot of Little Door. It's a cute place that offers to-go salads, pates and other dishes, sandwiches, salads, pastries, cheese, bread, and my favorite chocolate bars, Vosges. There are some tables inside and outside, so it'll be good al fresco dining on a good day. Next door is Doughboys, which also has outside and indoor dining. The salads, soups, and sandwiches here are infamous, as well as the desserts (red velvet cake is a must-share).

                While you're in town, you might also want to partake in the whole cupcake craze going around. One hot spot in Beverly Hills is Sprinkles:

                For Mexican mole in Beverly hills, I would go to FRIDA. My chicken mole was the best I've ever had, with just the right amount of spice and chocolate. The interior is dark and busy, too; definitely a place for couples, celebs, and families alike.

                Across the street is MAKO, which is a Japanese tapas sort of place -- fusion, and definitely "LA"-Californian cuisine. :) Get the ribs, crispy oysters, soft shell crab, crispy quail..(or better yet, the tasting menu).

          2. I second the recs for AOC and Jar. Also consider Grace, Josie and Lucques. Grace is my favorite these days -- fantastic, interesting food, a thoughtful and well-priced wine list with a helpful sommelier, wonderful service and a romantic yet lively atmosphere.