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Ethnic Asian Food in Thousand Oaks

I am moving to Thousand Oaks this weekend and I am wondering if there's any good Chinese (includes Taiwanese, Cantonese, Shanghai & Szechuan cuisines), Thai, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese food available in the area.

What about grocery stores or produce stores catering to such ethnicities?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Sorry, you will be out of luck if you want to find good asian food out in that area! There's no Korean or Vietnamese to speak of (no, I don't count Kalbi at Nori Sushi). And, I don't know of any asian markets out here, but maybe someone else can help you with that.

    There's plenty of Japanese and Chinese and a few Thai places. My recs would be:

    Japanese - Agoura Sushi on Agoura Road. Everyone has their favorite on this board, and my go-to out here is still Agoura Sushi. It helps though that my boss knows Megu so whenever I go with her, we get good service and good fish! My other choice would be Ori Sushi (behind Jiffy Lube, off of T.O around Hampshire). I've only been a few times though and each time has been pretty good so far, although I've only gone for lunch.

    Thai - Pookies Westlake Thai wins over any of the Exotic Thai outposts hands down. I like that they have noodle soup (ha, their Chicken Noodle Soup can sorta pass as Chicken Pho). My other favs here are Prahan Rice, Monsoon Noodles and one of their shrimp-glass-noodle salads that I don't remember the name of right now.

    Chinese - lots out here, and most of them really not so good. I like that China Garden (on TO and Lindero Canyon) will make me Pork-and-Preserved-Veggie Noodle Soup when asked, but that's it's only saving grace. I did like my Beef Stew Noodle Soup at Chen's too, but that's the only dish I've tried there so far. If you find a good Chinese place, please post!

    For better ethnic food, you're going to have to travel 10-15 min and get to the valley!

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      There are enough Chinese residents in Thousand Oaks for there to be a Chinese cultural assocation--but they go to Camarillo and eat at Peking Inn on Lantana.

      1. re: Chandavkl

        I'm Chinese, and IMO there is precisely one good Chinese restaurant in the area: Sesame Inn in Newbury Park. There's also an Indian grocery store on Thousand Oaks Blvd that has a hot steam table with food, which is easily the best option for Indian food in the area. For anything else Asian, the Valley isn't too far away.

        1. re: quincyc

          I am sorry but I am not familiar with the geography of the area (being a new immigrant!). However, everyone talks about the "Valley". May I know what place is this? Thanks!

          1. re: snow78

            "The Valley" is the San Fernando Valley, which is south of the Thousand Oaks area by about 25 miles. It is a culinary wonderland, with cuisines from all over the world.

            Sadly, the other posters are correct about the Conejo Valley (Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Oak Park, Agoura). We used to eat Chinese at Chen's but it was still nothing to write home about.

            My favorite Thai in the area is also Pookie's in Westlake. Skip Exotic Thai entirely - it is truly flavorless.

            1. re: Snackish

              Slight correction.....SFV is EAST of Thousand Oaks, not south.

              1. re: markn

                I was giving freeway directions, not map directions LOL

      2. re: maybelle

        Been to all your recs. No desire to visit any of them ever again.

        Calabasas and areas west wards is an truly an Asian food wasteland.

      3. By "valley", they mean San Fernando Valley. You technically live in Ventura County. I'm not sure about areas surrounding Thousand Oaks, but here are my recs for the San Fernando Valley generally:

        1) 99 Ranch: the best Asian market around you will be 99 Ranch (you can search their website: www.99ranch.com). They have a lot of Asian foods, seafoods, meats, and vegetables. However, the closest one is on Van Nuys Blvd, and is probably an hour drive on a no traffic day.
        2) Greenland Market: this is a Korean market that is fairly large and carries a lot of Korean food. The variety for Chinese vegatables are not so good, as they do not carry gailan or many other Chinese vegatables. This is closer to 99 Ranch as they are located on White Oaks Ave/Sherman Way. It will be 45 minutes drive without traffic.

        KOREAN FOOD:
        1) Evergreen: this restaurant is located next to Greenland Market, described above. The food is good, and there are many Koreans in there. They serve BBQ, broiled fish, and various soup dishes (soon tofu, ginseng soup, etc.
        )2) All you can eat BBQ: there is an all you can eat Korean BBQ where you cook your own food next to Evergreen in the Greenland Market center. It's $18.99 for all you can eat sushi rolls and BBQ meats. It's pretty good.
        3) BCD Tofu: if you like soon tofu, there is a location on Saticoy and Reseda/Lindley Ave. It's probably a 45 minutes drive for you in Thousand Oaks. They are a chain and have a website. They are not as good as the Koreatown location, but good for the valley.

        1) A&W Seafood in Reseda is the best authentic Cantonese food in the Valley. They have live seafood (fish, crabs, lobster, etc.). It is located on Reseda Blvd. in Northridge. This will take you probably over an hour to get here.
        2) Mandarin Deli: This is the best Mandarin noodle soup place in the Valley. Their specialities are beef noodle soup, potstickers, and scallion pancakes. They are located across from A&W described above.
        3) Hong Kong Seafood: I reviewed this place a week or so ago. They serve Cantonese cuisine that is not bad for the valley. Not as many choices as A&W, but much closer to you. They serve live crabs/lobsters and dishes like gailan. It is located in Woodland Hills off of Ventura Blvd/Winnetka. It is probably a 35 minute drive for you.

        1) Shibuya: this is the best sushi place I have found as they regularly have bluefin, toro, monkfish liver, and giant clam. It is expensive $50+ per person, if you order the good stuff. It is located in Calabasas across from the Commons and is probably a 30 to 35 minute drive from you.
        2) Nippon Ramen: good ramen and curries. They are located on Reseda Blvd close to Vanowen. It is probably a 45 minute drive for you.

        There is a pho place next to 99 Ranch market I described above.

        You should probably do a trip to either Greenland Market or 99 Ranch and get some Asian food in that area, if you are looking at authentic foods.

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        1. re: WHills

          Thanks for your detailed notes!

          Just curious though, but is traffic that bad in Southern California that getting from one place to another takes twice the amount of time that google map says?

          Over here in Sunnyvale, the travel time indicated on Google Map is pretty accurate if it isn't during the peak periods.

          1. re: snow78

            Yes, I would double the time on weekdays from 7 to 10 a.m. and 3:30 to 7:00 p.m.. It might not be so bad heading west, but it will be bad when you get into the Woodland Hills area (Canoga, De Soto) on the 101.

          2. re: WHills

            There's a lot of Vietnamese stuff in Reseda, isn't there?

            1. re: will47

              Yes, most of it on Sherman Way.

            2. re: WHills

              Adding to the list of asian markets in the SF Valley:

              Bangluck Market - Reseda Blvd. just north of Sherman Way - smallish, specializes in Thai (also next door to a number of Vietnamese restaurants and a few banh mi places)

              There's another Korean supermarket in the valley, way north, I'm thinking Reseda and Devonshire or something -- Galleria Market. It's huge. Northridge.

              India Sweets and Spices -- India market with vegetarian food to go -- Sherman Way just west of Topanga Canyon.

              And while you're in the neighborhood, if you have (more than) a few dollars to burn, go to Go's Mart for sushi, Sherman Way and Shoup.

            3. Pookies Thai in Westlake is the best. Pad Se Ew is my favorite! Unless we can dine at Pookie's, we skip thai. (Exotic Thai is as others have said, no comparison and flavorless). As far as good produce markets, there are none. I go to Valley Produce in Simi or Reseda whenever possible. Don't expect anything to go into the old Ralph's location. Several years ago, we were told that the T.O. Chamber will not allow any new "discount" stores into Thousand Oaks or Westlake.

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              1. re: nancyc4fun

                Yes, I am very acquainted with Pookie's Thai, and as you know, it is quite good.

                Thanks for the info about the empty Ralph's space. I was really hoping for a Chinese market so that I could purchase a durian and WALK it home! I guess this isn't going to happen...

                1. re: liu

                  Closest durian in the area - Whole Foods on Moorpark Rd.

                  1. re: nancyc4fun

                    Not in my car...and too far to walk! Ha-ha...but thanks for the info.

                    I was in that Whole Foods Market recently, and I could smell the cut-up durian when I entered -- no, BEFORE I entered the store! Actually, I thought they had a natural gas leak and when I mentioned it to one of the managers, they told me it was the durian. But, of course it was! I just wasn't expecting durian in my part of town! And I always expect it -- and miss it a little if it's not in the air -- in the Asian markets that I so love!

                    1. re: liu

                      Hahaha...my mom's coworker opened a box of durian cookies (why she bought durian cookies...idk), and then security cleared the building b/c the other floor thought there was a gas leak. It was later discovered the smell was from the cookies. It wasn't even from fresh fruit! Now thats potent!

                2. re: nancyc4fun

                  Yes - Pookies Thai in Westlake is the BEST!!

                3. Welcome to the area!

                  The Landing Grill & Sushi Bar right on the lake in Westlake Village isn't spectacular, but the food is solid and their lakeside patio is a real delight on a nice day. I like their bento boxes.

                  For something ethnic but not Asian, I highly recommend Galletto Cafe in Westlake Village, for an interesting mix of Brazilian and Italian dishes. Has a very nice outdoor patio and live jazz most nights indoors. I really like the xixo's and they make a great caipirinha.

                  There are some fun, interesting restaurants out here, you just have to wade through lots of chains to find them. Hope you'll post again when you settle in.

                  1. There's a fairly new Thai restaurant at Moorpark and Wilbur-White Elephant. It's been great the two times we've eaten there. I think Chen's is quite good for Chinese. Finally, there's a very strong Indian restaurant in Simi Vally called Haweli.

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                    1. re: toelessnihilist

                      It's actually called Indian Hawelli. I like it too. I have only done takeout and have yet to try the lunch buffet. I am on a diet so that may be a long time from now.


                      1. re: toelessnihilist

                        Thanks for the Haweli recommendation! We went there tonight and the food was great!

                        The best thing was that they have a grocery store section that stocks British food!

                        Thanks again

                        1. re: toelessnihilist

                          After being underwhelmed on my first visit, I tried White Elephant again yesterday and was quite pleased.

                          I had one of the lunch specials which had chicken pad thai and spicy green beans and beef. Both were quite flavorful although the pad thai used rather thin noodles.

                          The house salad was just iceberg lettuce and the dressing wasn't that great... More like thousand islands than the peanut dressing most thai places serve. I'll try the soup instead next time.

                          It's a nice little place with booths on the perimeter and a few tables on a nice little patio.

                          I'd definitely recommend it and look forward to sampling more of their items.

                          1. re: okie

                            Hi, okie.
                            We also tried White Elephant. It was good, but not amazing. I would like to return to give it another chance; I want to move around the menu a bit more before I cross it off my list. Perhaps not all of the menu is good, but I think there are some very good items; I need to find them!

                            1. re: liu

                              We tried White Elephant for lunch on a Sat. about 3 weeks after they opened. We were alone in the place and we still had to wait (a while, not a long time, but longer than should have been since we were the only customers) while we heard the waitress talking about her last night's evening with the cook. The food was okay, nothing exceptional and I found the prices much to high for the quality.

                              Not being one to eliminate a restaurant on only one visit, and especially soon after opening, we tried it again last Sat.

                              Well it wasn't empty any more! We were there about 1:00 pm and many tables were occupied and more people came in while we were there.

                              We had 3 dishes: Phad Thai, Spicy eggplant with Tofu, mixed vegitables. The Phad Thai was actually pretty good. It had a kind of sweet taste, not overwhelming but slight, we both liked it. The mixed vegitables in oyster sauce were good, but that dish is never great, but the veggies were fresh and it was a nice non meat dish. The eggplant was very good, the portion was huge! I ordered it '911'(very spicy) and it actually did have a pretty good heat level!! I always order my food 'Thai Hot', but it never is.

                              I'm having leftovers for lunch a couple of times this week. I thought the prices were a little high for this kind of place (basically in a strip mall), but I also find most of the prices of Thai food in Thousand Oaks to be too high. I guess I'm just used to NoHo and Hollywood places. Fortunately we had a 15% off coupon which did help.

                              All in all we'll probably go back, only have 2 dishes, and try new ones. It's nice to have more Thai options in TO.

                              Also, just down the street is a new place called Fit 2 Be Thai. It's presented as a 'healthy' Thai restaurant. The food was good, I just like the more 'authentic' type, which is why I like NoHo and Hollwood; it's just too damn far though.

                              1. re: LesThePress

                                There's a new Thai place that just opened up in the minimall right near Lindero Country Club (on TO Blvd, east of Lindero Canyon). I haven't tried it yet, but will do so soon and let you know how it is.

                                1. re: maybelle

                                  Yes, that would be Thai Brasseri (30651 TO Blvd.). I've tried it three times. It's very small and appears to be family run.

                                  I Went the first day it opened (Labor Day) and had the Spicy Eggplant, it was pretty tasty and I liked it! They didn't have brown rice yet though and the service was a little slow, but I cut them some slack since it was opening day. But I was excited things were looking good.

                                  The next time I had Prik King (pork) and it was absolutely tastless, and cashew nut checken, which I did not care for either (no flavor at all) still no brown rice, a little better service.

                                  The last time I had the Phad Thai, which was okay, nothing exceptional but okay. Service was good until it came time to get the bill, took forever.

                                  I want so bad to like this place (it's very close to where I work), but so far I haven't been impressed at all. I will keep trying though!!

                        2. I'm partial to:
                          Japanese - Akio's in the Janns Mall in Thousand Oaks
                          Chinese - Lakeview Garden in Westlake
                          Indian - Anarbagh on Ventura in the Valley/Woodland Hills (nearest Indian food I can think of)

                          Hmmm... will need to try Sesame Inn and White Elephant...

                          1. mmmmm. just because it gives me a chance to mention some of my favorite restaurants (have noticed many of them already posted to this message)

                            Thai: Pookie's in Westlake (can always drive out to Palm Desert for Bankok 5)
                            Korean: gotta go to KoreaTown for the good stuff but there is a new Korean bbq place in Newbury Park that is pretty tasty
                            Vietnamese: Pho Saigon in Port Hueneme
                            Japanese: depending what I am in the mood for Minato in Thousand Oaks & Osaka in Oak Park
                            Indian: India Sweets & Spice and Woodlands both in Canoga Park, Anabaugh in Woodland Hills & there are a bunch more good ones on Sunset & Wilshire if you want to make the drive
                            Chinese: good but generic all over the place. the Empress in China Town has great dim sum
                            I highly recommend going down to Little Osaka & Little Tokyo for special weekend meals

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                              Korean: in Newbury Park inside the Vons mall on Borchard across from the N.P. library. decent korean food for the area.

                              1. re: tuttifrutti

                                siceland and tuttifrutti -- Thanks for your recent recommendation of Gaya Korean BBQ in Newbury Park. We tried it tonight for dinner, and it was very tasty. The owners are extremely accommodating, gracious and friendly. One of them brought us a soup to try..."enjoy," she said.

                                We ordered one order of spicy BBQ pork and one order of glass noodles with beef and veggies. Both of these dinner items were very satisfying. We were also served several small bowls of various Korean accompaniments ("banchan"). I did not love all of them (the mayo-fruit and the sliced ketchup hot dog), but the kimchee and the radish were just perfectly spiced and delicious.

                                It is great to have a good Korean restaurant in this area. They have been open only about 4 months, and there was continuous traffic in and out while we dined. We will return, mostly because they were so nice.

                                1. re: liu

                                  Ditto on Gaya Korean -- it may not be from the depths of Mid-Wilshire, but it's 100% authentic and quite delicious. It's become one of our regular weekly meals, and we've tried just about everything on the menu. I could take or leave the bulgoki, but their Jap Chae is excellent, as is their Dukbokki. Considering it's the *only* Korean place around in T.O./Newbury Park, it's handy that it's also good.

                              2. re: siceland

                                In Simi Valley, I am partial to:

                                Korean: Oaks Korean BBQ
                                Chinese: Szechwan Garden
                                Japanese/Sushi: O2 Sushi or Blue Fin Sushi

                                Think I need to try Indian Haweli in the very near future. Mmm, Chicken Tikka and garlic naan. <drool>

                              3. For Chinese, we head out to Camarillo for the Peking Inn and their dim sum. Passable schezuan at Red Wok, and Sesame Inn's not bad in a pinch.

                                Take your pick on sushi -- there are a million places, and everyone thinks their spot's the best (personally, I like Sushi Yusho).

                                Pookie's is the place for Thai, though there's a Thai/Peruvian restaurant in Camarillo called, well, Thai/Peru, that has passable Thai and some very good Peruvian food, which always seems more Asian to me than South American, anyway.

                                No Vietnamese that I'm aware of.

                                There's an Indian market (and a middle eastern market in the same plaza) just west of Hampshire road on T.O. Boulevard, in the Palm Plaza (where there's also a Monglian BBQ place called Wok-n-South), and they've got ready-made steam-table food available for purchase, as well.

                                Good luck with the move, and let us know if you find any other great places.

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                                1. re: emg72

                                  I did not like Pookie at all. Tried White Elephant in TO and thought it was decent for the area.

                                  As for Gaya, unfortunately I'll still be making my treks to the valley to satisfy my Korean cravings.

                                  1. re: Sgee

                                    "I did not like Pookie at all." Why? Could you tell us more?

                                    1. re: sel

                                      IMO. very bad westernized thai food. Could not get out fast enough the one and only time I was there. Completely wrote it off.

                                    2. re: Sgee

                                      I like Pookie's Thai in the WaterCourt Center on Hampshire (Westlake Village), but I don't like everything on the menu. I particularly like the crispy duck (very generous, nicely carved pieces), the Westlake Roll appetizer (I could eat this for lunch as my entree), and their rice noodle dish. Some of their sushi (from their sister restaurant a few doors down) is okay as well.

                                      The tablecloths and the wandering ducks outside add nicely to the atmosphere, even if the service is at times a little "off."

                                  2. Hit the 118 and go East. You'll go through Moorpark and pass Simi Valley. In Simi, there's Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and 1 Pho restaurant. If you don't want to go far, then that's the closest thing. There are currently no Asian markets that I can think of in Simi Valley.

                                    On Reseda Blvd, there's 3 popular markets. Bangluck Market that is also surrounded by A&W Seafood, as well as 2 Pho restaurants. The parking lot if ghetto though and the area isn't very clean. So if you're someone who has to be in a clean area, then I'd stay away from there.

                                    Then there's the 2 Korean markets. One is Greenland, the other is the Galleria Market. Greenland has surrounding Korean restaurants, while Galleria has a foodcourt inside of it. If you want to go farther, Van Nuys has 99 ranch market with 2 Pho restaurants nearby, as well as Sam Woo's Chinese restaurant.

                                    If you want the best Thai food, go towards North Hollywood.. and look for a place called Sanam luang cafe.


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                                    1. re: TheStunnaGuy

                                      Bought 1/2 roast duck yesterday from Sam Woo and devoured half of it in one sitting.

                                      I find Valley Produce cheap when it comes to produce and will venture to either 99 Ranch in Van Nuys or San Gabriel.

                                      Thanks for your reply! =)

                                    2. I went to Indian Haweli on east LA blvd in simi a week ago. It was great, and the service was as well. I had naan, paneer (saag I think), and one chicken dish I can't remember. All delicious. I'm going to try White Elephant tonight, so I'll tell you how that goes. I eat korean bbq in LA every few months and I try a different place every time, but I'm looking for something new. Other than Asian foods, are there any restaurants anyone can suggest? I like trying new foods and I'm good with driving to LA or the valley. Always nice to stay in the conejo valley when I can though, since I live here.

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                                      1. re: sackofwine

                                        We're not big fans of Japanese Food (we don't do sushi), but we like to go to one for a change of pace. We tried Akio's Sushi in Janns Marketplace last week and we really enjoyed our meal. Service was very attentive, maybe a little rushed but we could control that, and we both enjoyed our meals. The only complaint I had, which is a common one in Asian restaurants, is the wine selection: Red/White/Pink. I'm going to bring my own bottle with me next time and see what happens.

                                        It's not a high end place and the prices are not steep. We got a ton of food and enjoyed every bit. I had the Teppan Yaki (combination plate) and could barely finish it.

                                        We plan to go back soon.

                                        Akio's Sushi
                                        215 N Moorpark Rd
                                        Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 Map

                                      2. Update: Well, i found out I don't like pho, so I can't really give a review.

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                                        1. There is another Thai place that just opened at Moorpark & Wilbur, oddly almost straight across the street from the still-new White Elephant:


                                          Haven't tried it yet but when I do, I'll be sure to report back. Looks somewhat promising and there is another location in Moorpark.

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                                          1. re: okie

                                            Was there twice when they first opened (sometime last year). Undercooked vegetables both times for my curry.

                                            Co-worker's Pad Thai was a definite miss. Another co-worker requested for no peppers and onions, guess what happened?

                                            1. re: snow78

                                              I haven't been to the fit2bthai in TO yet but I do frequent the location in Moorpark. The first time I went (near grand opening), I didn't want to eat there again. Tried again 9 months later and it was actually pretty decent. Wondering if TO is going through the same learning curve?

                                              Here are some of my favorites in the local area that haven't been mentioned yet:

                                              Vietnamese - Pho Simi on Los Angeles Ave.
                                              Japanese - Momoya Sushi (fusion) - Cochran and Sycamore
                                              Thai - Pornipiya Thai - New LA Ave in Moorpark
                                              Korean - Swan Korean in Oxnard off Vineyard exit (they have Korean tofu)

                                              1. re: slobound

                                                I finally got by the fit2bthai location in TO and had a very nice meal.

                                                I took the food to go as I don't really like their space. It's well done but with an open kitchen and all those hard surfaces, it's a cacophony of noise in there -- and it wasn't close to crowded.

                                                I had one of the combinations with the Tom Yum soup, fiery basil chicken and purple rice.

                                                The soup was excellent: nice and tangy with lots of vegetables. At first I thought the basil dish was a bit flavorless but then realized they just use less oil as part of the health slant. I had specified medium spicy and was pleased to find it actually had a bit of a kick. It was cooked perfectly and the ingredients all tasted fresh and bright. The purple rice was also very good with a nice texture and taste.

                                                The portion was big enough for two and I believe the total cost was only about 8 bucks.

                                                It's not a place I'd choose for dine-in (don't even think they have a liquor license) but I'll definitely try it again for take away.

                                                Also, I just saw on their website that they have sold their Moorpark location to a family that will operate a different type of Thai restaurant in that space.

                                            2. re: okie

                                              I'm not really a big fan of Thai food but my wife is and Fit2BeThai on Moorpark in TO is by far her favorite in this area. Probably because the kitchen is open and she can make all kinds of oddball ingredients substitutions and they cheerfully take care of it. We don't drink booze, so the lack of a liquor license is no problem.

                                              As far as Shalimar on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, my wife and I tried it a couple of years ago and it was literally nauseating. We've nver been back so I don't know how it is nowadays.

                                              Fit 2 B Thai
                                              593 N Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

                                            3. Hi,
                                              We also tried White Elephant. It was good, but not amazing. I would like to return to give it another chance; I want to move around the menu a bit more before I cross it off my list. Perhaps not all of the menu is good, but I think there are some very good items; I need to find them!

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                                              1. re: ROBBARNES

                                                My new favorite Thai place without having to trek to Thai Town is Lum Kaa Nad. Excellent seriously authentic thai, takes a while to read all the unfamiliar dishes they offer. Alright it's in Reseda but again sure beats having to trek into LA.

                                                1. re: Sgee

                                                  We love Lum Ka Naad!! We eat there often or get take out and have catered a party and a large event with their food. Some of our favorites are the Lompoon Jerky, Krabi Chicken, Prihk King Green Beans and Pad Key Mao.

                                              2. In Westlake Village there is Lakeview Gardens on the corner ofAgoura Rd and Lakeview Canyon Rd and there is PF Changs (which is incredible, but noisy) at The Lakes next to the Civic Arts Center.

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                                                1. re: Peachycor

                                                  To say PF Changs is incredible, is to say Cheesecake Factory is incredible. They are both good at what they do, but far from incredible. Unfortunately the Asian restaurants in the Conejo Valley cater to the local demographic, so the variety of dishes are small and not very authentic. To get a real sampling of Chinese food, you will need to head toward the San Gabriel Valley. There are many good Pho restaurants and some decent Korean BBQ in the San Fernando Valley.

                                                  1. re: Peachycor

                                                    Lakeview Gardens, unfortunately, is not very good.

                                                    1. re: Chandavkl

                                                      While not great, the best Chinese food I've found in the area is Hunan on TO blvd. (near Thrifty and Western Bagel).

                                                      Had a couple of meals at China Garden on TO nr. Lindero Canyon which were okay but nothing spectacular, just better than most others in the area.

                                                  2. After completely burning to the ground over a year ago, Kohinoor Cuisine of India in Thousand Oaks looks like it's close to reopening. Was by there about a week ago and there was lots of activity and an "opening soon" sign in the window.

                                                    It's in the shopping center on Avenida De Los Arboles just east of the 23.

                                                    The food was always decent, although somewhat spotty. Will be nice to have them back at least as another option in the area.

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                                                    1. re: okie

                                                      We tried Kohinoor when we first moved into the area 3 years ago (since it was the only option for Indian food) and it was TERRIBLE!! We never went back. .

                                                      Our hopes are that since it's been so long the chef (at that time) has moved on and they get a new one who knows how to cook properly! (Our fingers are crossed).

                                                    2. My family loves Mandarin Express in Agoura Hills for Chinese food (on Kanan and Agoura Road ,behind IHOP). Here is their link: http://www.mandarinexpressagourahills...
                                                      A small operation,does tons of take-out to Malibu, but does have a smallish eat-in area too. Kim is the nicest hostess, and Chef Chang is wonderful. They also have a huge vegetarian selection, with every fake meat on earth available, for those so inclined.
                                                      Lots of photos of stars on the walls, who do actually order from there (if that helps convince anyone). I am not the expert on authentic Chinese cuisine, but we have always been very happy there!

                                                      1. As of today, Kohinoor Cuisine of India in Thousand Oaks has been re-opened for 11 days after burning down one year eight months ago. I must say I was very happy with the food there; my dad, who had never had Indian food before in his life also enjoyed it. We ordered a la carte chicken korma for me and chicken tikka masala for him (to keep things on the safe side for one's first Indian food experience). We also had the garlic naan and some steamed rice. When I asked if the naan was made on the premises the owner proudly declared "EVERYTING!" was made fresh in the kitchen, including some very good potato samosas we had.

                                                        There's also a $9.95 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet which the restaurant was pushing.

                                                        Decor is sleek, fairly minimal, with a dark red color palette. Traditional and pop Indian music plays.

                                                        Recommended - go see them.

                                                        1. Just FYI, Chen's in T.O. is closed.

                                                          A bit surprising as it always seemed to be busy.

                                                          1. I have the total solution to your inquiry, it's a little restaurant in Agoura Hills, (next door to Thousand Oaks). Off Kanan.... they have amazing Asian food, excellent ratings and a massive menu that would take a year to eat though. Check out their website for the detail: http://www.mandarinexpressagourahills....

                                                            There is so much here to die for. The owners seem to know everyone by name, Chef Dan is a master chef fusing aspects of Asian and American cuisines to produce the most delightful and sometimes exotic treats.

                                                            You owe it to yourself to drop by and sample the menu. Don't let the decor fool you, this place serves the best Asian food in the Conejo valley.