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Mar 19, 2007 09:32 PM

Olympic National Park

My mom and I will be staying at the Kalaloch Lodge in May for my birthday. Any ideas on were to go for some tasty eats in or around this area? We have been known to travel quite a ways for a tasty bite. Price not an issue. Formal or informal we don't care. We will be there for 4 days. Any any ideas would be appreciated. Even the really off the wall ones. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not much around there, really. I love the area (for the outdoors). As I remember from a few years ago, the food at the Kalaloch Lodge will give you calories to sit on a beach log in the rain (a great thing), but not much else. I really don't recall if there is anything else around Kalaloch. Unless something has changed, don't expect anything out of La Push either.

    If you head south on 101, the next stop I recall are the places at Lake Quinault. The Lake Quinault Lodge has food that is better than Kalaloch, but that's not saying much. I would head there with a book for dinner, because the lodge is nice. The lodge lobby is a nice place to sit and be warm with a book in big comfy chairs. There are doubtless a couple of other places to eat around there, but I don't know them.

    If you headed south of Lake Quinault to the beach towns, you'd find food, but it seems too far for dinner to me. If someone else can point you to a good meal tol the south, it might be worth a trip if they can guarantee a great meal; I know I've traveled much farther than that for a meal myself.

    To the north of Kalaloch, I think the next stop is Forks. It's an actual small town with restaurants. I don't know them, but I'd look around the foodie websites searching under Forks. I'm sure you could get a passable meal there if you tried. I haven't eaten there in a few years, so I can't point you the right way. I do recall having an OK meal there once.

    Port Angeles is too far for a meal.

    Unfortunately, I don't think this is too helpful. Eat at Kalaloch lodge simply for the convenience. Eat somewhere at Lake Quinault if you want to check out the rainforest. Poke around for someplace passable in Forks.

    I hope others can point to some good meals, as I do find myself over there occasionally and I would also like to know also if there is good food to be found.

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      dinner at the kalaloch lodge was probably the worst restaurant meal i have ever eaten albeit in one of the nicest rooms. it may have been a singular anomaly but it would take julia child, auguste escoffier and my grandmother working together to bring up the average to merely edible. food from boxes poorly prepared and presented; like the cook was taking out his (her?) anger on the guests. cook in your cabin or bring in sandwiches.

      went to a chinese restaurant (name?) in forks which was nearly as bad but one rather expects to be disappointed at chinese food in tiny towns.

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        My experience on the west coast of the peninsula is about the same. I pack my own food whenever possible.

        It's really a shame: fabulous country, abysmal food.

      2. It was summer, over 15 years ago, but I still remember being pleasantly surprised by the lunch I had, of fresh salmon tempura and olallieberry pie, at the lodge near the rainforest. The lodge also had a great collection of Native American baskets in the lobby.

        1. The food at the Lake Crescent Lodge is pretty tasty -- especially their duck and lamb. It's probably overpriced for what it is, and it's a bit of a drive from Kalaloch, but you could always stay a night at Lake Crescent instead. (If you do, book one of the Historic Lodge rooms -- they're cheap (~$100) and even though they have a shared bathroom, they are the most charming rooms in the whole place.

          1. Good luck. The last time I was there the Kalaloch Lodge and the Lake Quinault Lodge were managed by Aramark. If you're looking for a hot dog at a sports stadium or some steamed meat loaf at a nursing home they do an OK job. Fine dining.....I think not.

            On the north side of Forks there is a large restaurant that is popular with locals that wasn't too bad but that's an hour drive north of Kalaloch. Lake Crescent Lodge is a beautiful setting but it's about two hours north of Kalaloch.

            Pack your rain gear and a good pair of boots for walking in the rainforest and along the coast, take lots of pictures, and just don't expect to have one of the best meals of your life on this trip. Now the scenery and wildlife, you'll remember that forever.

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            1. re: Mark Nobe

              Thanks to all that replied. This is just a trip for beautiful scenery and peaceful setting.....I have been out there b4 and remember there wasn't much...Just checking to see if anything has changed...We did make sure to get a cabin w/a kitchen so we will be able to do some of our own cooking.

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                New hope for Dinner at the Lake Quinault Lodge--I just finished my second dinner there tonight! Based on the dreadful reviews above we were quite conservative our first night--soup and salad for me. We tried the special steamers--tasty and plentiful. My friend's planked salmon was flavorful, not fishy, but a little overcooked. The accompanying roasted veggies were delicious! Tonight I got adventurous and tried the pan-fried oysters and the special leg of lamb with pomegranete glaze- I was pleased. We shared a salad again tonight--both the ranch and raspberry vinagrette are house made and delicous. The standout, however, was the fish and chips! 4 generous fillets in a perfect beer batter and delicous fries (regular and sweet potato). The price seemed high but we could easily have shared the entre.
                They hired a new chef about a year ago, who clearly improved the food 10 fold. We had heard that the chef was due to leave and in fact we learned he had already left! What is encouraging is that the food continues to be so good! Give the Lake Quinault Lodge a chance. Hopefully whoever is cooking this week will stay with them through your trip.

            2. It's a drive, but we found some decent restaurants in Sequim and Port Townsend last summer. And the place we stopped in Forks (some diner-type place) wasn't too bad, if a bit dated (menu and decor!)

              Check out some of the wineries while you're there! We found a couple of great places around Port Angeles.