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le CREUSET DUTCH OVEN :: Where to get the lowest price

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I have been Googling away, and all I could find was a list price of $230, and a lowest sale price of $209 with free shipping, no tax.

Is there any source that offers le Creuset, I am looking for the 6 3/4 quart Oval Oven in the original Flame, at a lower price than $219?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. That is going to be hard to beat...you might check out Lodge, who make cast iron pans. They have just introduced a line of pans to compete with Le Creuset...I hear they are going to be quite good, and less pricey. Just a thought

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      I don't know where you're located but there are many Le Creuset outlets around the country where you can pick up good deals and sometimes "seconds" with a ding or some such thing for quite a lot less than regular price.

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        I have had amazingly good luck at my local LC outlet. The seconds are often in such good shape the sales staff and I can't find the flaw. Also, if you are on their preferred customer list, you will periodically receive coupons for additional 20% and 30% off during special promotions. Those are definitely worth waiting for! And I think they will ship for free once you've spent X amount of $ (sorry, can't remember what the amount is). It is definitely worth checking into.

    2. Currently available at our local Costco. Try their website.

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        Last time I went to Costco, they only had the 8 qt oval french oven in red and in blue - not in flame; but the price was really good at $180.

      2. If you have a Tuesday Morning near you, they sometimes have some LC...

        1. Try ebay. i haven't checked that size but the 5.5 qt Round often goes for around $150 to $160 with shipping included. so that oval probably isn't mcuh more.

          1. I got my 6 3/4 quart oval in red at HomeGoods for $80. Yes, $80. It's a second. I think the "flaw" is the paint fade; it's not as smooth as my 2 qt tomato. Whoop-de-do. I can live with that.

            Check out HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshall's. Amazon.com has sales with decent prices too.

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              Amen on Homegoods and TJ Maxx and Marshalls, check weekly you just never know andn some of that stuff goes on clearance quickly too. I saw an All Clad 5 qt. durch oven at TJM last week for about $105. Did not need it but it was tempting

              1. I know you are looking for something in the original Flame, but right now the Le Creuset outlet by me is having a 30% off sale on everything Indigo and Soleil, which are being discontinued. I got a brand new in the box round 7.25-qt dutch oven for $160 after tax and they seemed to have the full assortment of sizes.

                1. Bed, Bath & Beyond carries a good selection of Le Creuset. If you can get hold of one of their ubiquitous 20% off coupons, you've got it made. And if the item is on their website but not in the store, the store will order it for you and charge no shipping costs.

                  1. I got mine for $219 at cutlery and more. Free shipping and no tax - plus they included a Le Creuset cookbook and some silicone spatulas.

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                      Apparently I used some coupon code because my credit card statement indicates that I only paid $197.05.

                    2. I was pretty successful on Amazon. I bought the 7 1/4 qt. blue Dutch oven last summer for about $160 with free shipping. A few days later I noticed that the price had dropped by $15, so I emailed them and they immediately credited my account for the extra $$ off.

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                        I was at HomeGoods in Atlanta today and they had a bunch. Not sure the sizes - but there were a few different ones to choose from. The one I picked up to look at was only $69.99! Probably smaller than the one you're looking for though.

                      2. Fleur, I know you're in Brooklyn, and I know that Cook's Companion on Atlantic had the same big sales everyone was having. As far as I know, the major sales are over, but it might be worth checking.

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                          Thanks for the tip. I like that shop. They have a large selection of Le Creuset, but since they charge tax, I don't know if they would be cheaper than Amazon. I'll walk down and check.

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                            Gracious Home in Manhattan has it in red or blue for 169.99. Included is a LC Zen tea kettle in the same color. (gracioushome.com)

                        2. Marshall's sells a lot of la crusset...I think my REALLY LARGE dutch oven was purchased for 100-120$