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Mar 19, 2007 09:14 PM

le CREUSET DUTCH OVEN :: Where to get the lowest price

I have been Googling away, and all I could find was a list price of $230, and a lowest sale price of $209 with free shipping, no tax.

Is there any source that offers le Creuset, I am looking for the 6 3/4 quart Oval Oven in the original Flame, at a lower price than $219?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. That is going to be hard to might check out Lodge, who make cast iron pans. They have just introduced a line of pans to compete with Le Creuset...I hear they are going to be quite good, and less pricey. Just a thought

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      I don't know where you're located but there are many Le Creuset outlets around the country where you can pick up good deals and sometimes "seconds" with a ding or some such thing for quite a lot less than regular price.

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        I have had amazingly good luck at my local LC outlet. The seconds are often in such good shape the sales staff and I can't find the flaw. Also, if you are on their preferred customer list, you will periodically receive coupons for additional 20% and 30% off during special promotions. Those are definitely worth waiting for! And I think they will ship for free once you've spent X amount of $ (sorry, can't remember what the amount is). It is definitely worth checking into.

    2. Currently available at our local Costco. Try their website.

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        Last time I went to Costco, they only had the 8 qt oval french oven in red and in blue - not in flame; but the price was really good at $180.

      2. If you have a Tuesday Morning near you, they sometimes have some LC...

        1. Try ebay. i haven't checked that size but the 5.5 qt Round often goes for around $150 to $160 with shipping included. so that oval probably isn't mcuh more.

          1. I got my 6 3/4 quart oval in red at HomeGoods for $80. Yes, $80. It's a second. I think the "flaw" is the paint fade; it's not as smooth as my 2 qt tomato. Whoop-de-do. I can live with that.

            Check out HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshall's. has sales with decent prices too.

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              Amen on Homegoods and TJ Maxx and Marshalls, check weekly you just never know andn some of that stuff goes on clearance quickly too. I saw an All Clad 5 qt. durch oven at TJM last week for about $105. Did not need it but it was tempting