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Jul 29, 2005 10:02 PM

Good Eats in Fairfield/Solano County?

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Just moved from SF to Fairfield, and we're starting to miss our good and quick Chinese...fantastic pizza...and nice but inexpensive sit-downs. Any recommendations?


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  1. Alejandro's Taqueria on W. Texas in old downtown Fairfield is good, cheap and causal. Fairfield Noodles (1955 Texas) in the Vintage Square shopping center(Food MAx) is a real great mom n pop viet cafe, one of my favorites in town.

    Dyansty Express near Oliver Road at the old Yardbirds shoping center is pretty good fast and cheap chinese take-out, however the China House in old town FF is very good but still reasonable. Theres a place at 1430 N Texas that is called Yo-Sushi, that has great japanese food and good prices. Those are some starters, let me know if you want more. Good luck and welcome to Fairfield, we moved here 6 years ago and love the small town feel, even though its 100k plus with people.

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    1. re: Phil

      Fairfield Noodles (1955 Texas) in the Vintage Square shopping center(Food MAx)-- is no longer in business I believe. They moved to Sacramento to retire. Husband was a regular there. Daughter loves their Pho. We will miss them.

    2. the best food in fairfield is about 15 miles west in napa. it is worth the drive.

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        Your right about that. FF Doesnt have much in real good places to eat. Besides Napa, Benica has some good spots also. However, you can always go over the bridge to CC County aand find some good places to eat.

        As far as Napa goes, HWY 12 can get a little scary at times and in rush hour it can be hell.

        1. re: Phil

          coming from fairfield to napa after 5 oclock is a snap. it's leaving napa from 3:30 to 5: that it's a mess. plan around those times.

      2. Try Main Street in Suisun- Bab's Delta Diner has incredible breakfasts-be prepared for a long wait on weekends, the Athenian Grill (Greek) next door is pretty reliable too. As for Mexican, our favorite is La Cabana- it doesn't look like much when you drive by, but the food is cheap, plentiful, and good. Tasuke is also good if you're looking for Japanese/sushi. Otherwise, I'd agree with other posts-I drive to Napa if I'm looking for something nicer, but these places are great for quick, inexpensive weekday dinners out.

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        1. re: jp

          La Cabana is real good, but some days are better than other days, I read that it will expand to the lot next door soon. Your right about Bab's and Athenian Grill, there good. Taski's is a bit up and down though.

          627 Main used to be good, but since they changed owners, I dont think as good.

          I wish FF could attract better places to eat instead of all the franchise places.

          Any other favorites you have? I'm always interested in different places to eat. Let me know, Thanks, Phil

          1. re: jp

            La Cabana- the food is cheap, plentiful, and good.

            I agree with that statement. I love Mexican Food. They have great tacos and sopes there. One sopes will fill you out for lunch. Tacos/sopes combo is perfect for any day.
            The Food - Sopes sopes sopes sopes :) Delicious hand made sopes with lots of meat and cheese and lettuce. Price is great for the qualtiy.

            Dessert - did not try.

            The Service - Nice service people.

            The place - nice and open, recently remodeled and relocated to larger area. Newer location but I like the old restaurant better. It feels like home there. At the newer location, the high ceiling gives me a cold feeling, and the atmosphere is not as cozy and authentic Mexican.

            Bathroom - CLEAN

            Location - Suisun City and in downtown area. Out of area from 80

            Returnability -

            Did I tell you I love sopes?????

          2. up in vacaville there is the old post office and villa corona. both darn good.

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            1. re: rich

              Good to hear The Old Post Office is still open. I liked it when I tried it a few years back.

              1. re: rich

                Been to Post Office for brunch, was good. Havnt been to Villa Corona, what's a sure bet to order?

                Have you tried Jalapenos on Texas in FF? went there for breakfast and was just ok, but now I see they are serving Papusas, going to check it out soon.

                Another great place for breakfast is Sandys 101 omlett in FF, too big of portions though.

                How about Pizza? havnt found anything that was outstanding like closer to SF. Any Recomendations?

                1. re: Phil

                  i stick pretty close to napa, but have been to the post office a couple of times. a customer of mine owns villa corona and i make it a point to stop in at the st helena and vacaville stores when i can. the cheese enchiladas with green sauce are a staple in my diet. it's funny, i've been thinking about where to eat in ffld since this question came up---breakfast at babs (suisun) and after that i faulter (let's face it, nobody is going to starve there, you just have to go to red lobster and chevys and crap like that). for an interesting meal---take a drive.

                  1. re: rich

                    So Rich, Are you going to tell us about some places in Napa that we dont read about but are great? I will be waiting for some secret places from you. Thanks.

                    1. re: Phil

                      i wish i had some secrets for you---i can't think of one spot that hasn't been written about on here already. i haven't seen a post for the soscal cafe for awhile---good spot for a big, greasy breakfast. there just aren't any undiscovered gems that come to mind.

                  2. re: Phil

                    for good pizza theres Marys Pizza Shack
                    I have family in FF and we always get pizza from there.

                2. Thanks all, will try these recommendations. Have found a nice Chinese place in Green Valley/Cordelia called Happy Garden. Take the Green Valley Road/Cordelia exit and go into the Safeway shopping area. Happy Garden is next to Safeway.

                  Decor: standard "upscale" Chinese. Good service. It's on the expensive side but really quite good. I've eaten in and out and prefer to eat in. Sesame beef is very good, as is honey walnut prawns.

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                    1. re: Fleagirl

                      I live in Green Valley and Happy Garden is good, try the clay pot chicken sometime. Your right about it being a little expensive thats why I told you about China Palace. Across the parking lot is Sushi King. I ate there a couple of times when they first opened and was disappointed. Up at the Hwy at "Fast Food Junction" there is the Green Bamboo that does a good meal for less money. Next door is the Cordelia Deli which makes all their own salads and desserts and bread for decent prices.

                      1. re: Fleagirl

                        I hope you will post back on your finds, even the flops. This area doesn't get reported on often enough. Here's an old post that also includes mention of La Reine, Murrillos, Vasquez deli-mexican diner (all Vacville), daves giant hamburgers, Fusilli and Ohkura (all Fairfield). Don't have a current status on these places.

                        This is worthless because I don't have a name or address or my post, BUT, there is a Mexican market in Vacaville which has a carneceria in it that puts out pretty decent and authentic tacos. How many carnercerias can there be in Vacaville, after all.

                        After goggling around I'm ALMOST certain it is

                        Mexico Meat Market
                        (707) 452-0580
                        1130 E Monte Vista Ave
                        Vacaville, CA 95688

                        There is one in Fairfield too. My google on the address also came up with the employment development office in the same strip mall which I remember too. And the description of the market says it has Drinks, Food, Fruits, Meats, Soups & Salads. There was also a small panedria which wasn't half bad. And I'm thinking I liked the horchata.

                        Actually Mexican Markets are good to check out because many make some prepared food and some even have soup.